Air China Student Travel Promotions

What You Need To Know About Air China Student Travel Promotions

When it comes to travelling abroad, the promotion and discounts that Air China offers for students can mean huge savings for would-be travelers. Offering flights to various countries at discounted prices, Air China has become a popular choice for students wanting to explore the world on a budget. This article provides an overview of Air China student travel promotions and looks at the different types of available discounts.

Air China provides excellent discounts and promotions for students travelling abroad. Student discounts start from 10%, and depending on the destination and time of travel, the savings could be up to 35%. One of the most attractive promotions for students is the group fares Air China offers. To get discounted rates, travelers must travel together in groups of 10 to 50 people and present a valid student ID at the time of booking.

Air China also offers discounts to students who make their flight reservations within a given period of time. For example, student travelers who book at least a month before their trip start will receive a 15% discount. When booking from the same country to another, students can also take advantage of Air China’s Multi-City flight discounts. With the Multi-City flight discounts, travelers can book flights to multiple countries at discounted prices.

In addition to the promotional discounts, Air China also offers special student fares that can be used for travel to and from certain international destinations. These student fares are usually valid for two weeks and are designed to offer students a convenient and affordable way to fly to their intended destination.

Finally, it is important to note that Air China has recently launched its Student Achievement Program, which offers members of the Air China Student Achievement Program exclusive discounts and special offers. To become a member, students must complete a series of modules and tasks. Once the members have completed their modules, they will become eligible for exclusive discounts and promotions.

How To Get The Best Deals On Air China Student Travel Promotions

Getting the best deals on Air China student travel promotions can be done by being aware of the different discounts and promotions available. By booking in advance and making sure to present a valid student ID at check-in, would-be travelers can take advantage of the discounted fares available. Additionally, travelers can also join Air China’s Student Achievement Program and acquire exclusive discounts.

When it comes to searching for the best Air China student travel promotions, the best way to do so is to frequently check the airline’s website or social media channels. Air China continuously updates its promotional offers so it is important for students to stay up to date with the latest fare discounts and offers. Additionally, it is also beneficial to compare fares from different airlines to ensure that the best deal is obtained.

Finally, students should also take into account other factors such as the number of days of the trip, the number of people travelling and the airports included on the trip. By considering these factors, travelers can save even more money on Air China student travel promotions.

What Benefits Do Air China Student Travel Promotions Offer?

Air China student travel promotions offer different benefits for students. For one, students can save money due to the discounted fares that Air China offers. Depending on the destination and type of ticket, discounts can go up to 35%. Moreover, by joining Air China’s Student Achievement Program, eligible members can obtain exclusive discounts and offers.

In addition to the cost savings, Air China student travel promotions provide students with a convenient and safe way to travel the world. By providing their passengers with quality services and amenities, Air China ensures a safe and comfortable travel experience for its passengers.

Air China also utilizes advanced technology and safety measures to further ensure the safety of its passengers. For example, the airline utilizes various methods of customer identification to help protect against cheaters and fraudsters. As well, modern-day measures such as enhanced onboard communication and the latest medical equipment help to make the journey safer for all passengers.

The benefits of Air China student travel promotions are not just limited to cost savings or safety. By joining the Student Achievement Program, students can also gain invaluable travel experience and knowledge, in addition to taking advantage of the exclusive deals and offers available.

How Do Students Book With Air China?

Booking with Air China is a relatively simple process. Students can visit the official Air China website or contact their nearest Air China office to book their flight. During the booking process, students must present a valid student ID and a copy of their student visa.

The process of booking with Air China is similar to that of any other airline. However, in order to take advantage of Air China student travel promotions, students must make sure to enter the applicable promotional code or discount code during the booking process.

Aside from online bookings, Air China also offers telephone bookings and airport counter bookings. These additional booking options provide travelers with flexibility and convenience when making their reservations.

Finally, Air China accepts various forms of payment when booking a flight. These payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.


Air China provides various discounts and promotions for student travelers looking to explore the world on a budget. From group discounts to student fares, Air China Student Travel Promotions offer savings that no other airline can match. Furthermore, by joining the Air China Student Achievement Program, eligible members can obtain exclusive deals and offers. Whether you’re travelling for leisure or academic purposes, Air China Student Travel Promotions can give you the perfect opportunity to explore the world in comfort and convenience.

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