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China travel: cash vs. credit cards

When it comes to travel to China, paying for goods and services with cash, or local currency can be both unreliable, and sometimes even dangerous. Most travelers to the country prefer to use credit cards to manage their spending. Choosing the best credit card for the trip can save the traveler time, money, and potential headaches.

Research has shown that cash is often unreliable and unsecured as the country’s banking system does not have strong regulations for how to handle the exchange of currencies. Also, using local ATMs for withdrawals can be a risky business; although cash withdrawals are possible, most international cards will be declined due to authentication issues.

Credit cards are the preferred method of payment when traveling to China, but which one is the best? Each card has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is important for travelers to research carefully which card is best for their travels.

Experts suggest that travelers look for a card that has no fee for currency conversion or withdrawal fees, as accessing ATM’s in China can be very expensive.Cards should also have no restrictions on how often withdrawals are made as this is very important for those who plan to stay in the country for a long period of time. A final point to consider is whether there arepoints or rewards systems provided with the card, which will help with travel costs in the countries they plan to visit – China included.

Credit cards also present an added security that cash does not.This is especially important for people traveling to areas where cash is accepted but may not be the safest way to purchase items. With a credit card, travelers are not at risk of theft or being lost. Travelers can also recover any money lost due to credit card fraud as long as they take the proper steps to protect their identity.

The benefits of using popular credit cards

Popular credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, and American Express are the most widely accepted cards in China. This makes them very convenient and easy to use. For those searching for the most reliable card with the best coverage, Mastercard is the best choice.

Using a Mastercard or Visa means they will be accepted by establishments virtually anywhere in the world, including China. Furthermore, using a Mastercard will provide travellers with a range of benefits that regular cards may not offer. These benefits include the ability to switch their card overseas with no extra fees or fees for currency conversions, an extra layer of security with additional perks such as fraud and theft protection, access to 24/ 7 customer service, priority access to exclusive restaurants and shops, and emergency card replacement if their card is lost or stolen.

American Express, however, may be a better option if seeking additional rewards for their travels.Amex travel cards offer an impressive range of rewards which can be used towards flight tickets and hotels. They also offer special discounts or cashback on certain spending when using their card in certain countries such as China.

Safety and security tips

Travelers should take some added steps to ensure that their credit card is safe and secure when traveling to China, the most important of these steps being setting up a contactless payment system. Setting up a contactless system, for example, like Apple Pay, means that the card itself will be sitting safely inside the traveler’s pocket while any payments are completed without the card being shown or exchanged.

In addition, travelers should take care to generate a secure PIN code for their card. This should be done when they receive their credit card in order to keep it safe and secure from potential fraud attempts. It is also important to keep track of their payments and account balance to ensure that there are no fraudulent charges.

Furthermore, travelers can reduce the risk of fraud even further by activating alerts on their smartphone or other device associated with their card. This way, they will receive a notification any time their card is used, giving them some peace of mind.

Advantages of using cash

Cash remains the most popular form of payment in China, but with greater acceptance of credit cards, many people are turning to this form of payment as a safer alternative.Since the Chinese banking system is much more advanced than some other countries, converting cash into Chinese yuan (CNY) is now much easier than it used to be. For those who may not have access to a credit card, using cash is still an option as it is safe, convenient and reliable.

Though the use of cash can still be advantageous, it is important to note that it may not provide the same degree of protection as a credit card. Those who are traveling to remote areas or buying expensive items should consider using a credit card to reduce the risk of theft or fraud.

Exchange rates

Though credit cards can be the best option for travelers hoping to avoid risks associated with converting their currencies, it is important to keep in mind the exchange rates. Unlike cash, credit cards will leave the traveler vulnerable to any fluctuations in the exchange rates. Credit cards can be used for the purchase of goods and services, but will often have a lower exchange rate than if the purchase had been paid for with cash.

For those that are trying to avoid the unpredictability of exchange rates, travelers suggest that they try to purchase their items with cash as much as possible.This way, they are sure to get the most value for their money. This means that if travelers need to buy large items such as electronics or souvenirs, they should try to pay with cash whenever possible.

Additional fees and costs

Credit cards can be the most convenient way to shop, dine and pay for services in China, but they come with some extra costs that cash does not, such as currency conversion fees and withdrawal fees. It is important that travelers check with their issuing bank before using their credit card.

These fees can quickly add up and can be expensive if not accounted for. Furthermore, travelers should also be aware of any additional charges incurred when using their card such as late payment fees or over the limit fees.It is advisable to read a credit card’s terms and conditions thoroughly before traveling to ensure that they know where these extra fees may be hiding.

Security implications

Credit cards, while highly beneficial, do come with certain security implications. Fraud and identity theft are more prevalent in certain areas, and it is important that travelers take caution when using their credit cards abroad. It is advised that travelers who are worried about potential risks take the extra step of carrying additional forms of payment such as cash or traveler’s checks.

In addition, it is also recommended that travelers use credit cards with chip and PIN protection. These cards offer increased security as they require a PIN code to be entered for every transaction, which greatly reduces the risk of fraud or theft. With this extra level of security, travelers can feel more confident when using their credit cards in China.


The best credit card for travel to China will depend on the individual traveler’s needs and preferences. Mastercard and Visa cards are most widely accepted and offer a range of benefits.American Express could be the better option for those seeking rewards, however, it is only accepted at certain establishments.

No matter which card is chosen, travelers should always take extra steps to keep it safe and secure, such as setting up contactless payments and activating alerts. Furthermore, cash may still be the best option for large purchases or in remote areas. Ultimately, it is best to research which card is best for the individual’s needs in order to enjoy an unforgettable trip.

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