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Tour Highlights

China and Australia have much to offer for those seeking an unforgettable tour. From great food and vibrantly diverse cultures, to rugged natural beauty and uniquely adventure experiences – a tour of these two distinct countries will be an explosion of the senses. Touring China and Australia can cover anything from an introduction to culture via a leisurely city tour, to a difficult exploration of hidden pockets of wilderness in remote locations. Many companies specialise in customising packages to the individual needs of customers, making it easy to get all that China and Australia have to offer.

Health and Safety

Travelling can sometimes involve predictable risks, many of which can be easily avoided with some additional planning and information. It is important to keep up to date with local health and safety advisories, and to be aware of any risks, particularly with respect to climate and terrain. Touring in such diverse climates and landscapes can be challenging, and requires careful preparation and research prior to departure. It is also important to have comprehensive travel and medical insurance that covers all eventualities, including the remote and extreme situations encountered on a tour of China and Australia.

Capital Cities and Transportation

Beijing and Canberra are the respective capital cities of China and Australia, and offer a unique insight into the cultures and how each country functions. From the ancient Chinese palaces and monuments to the modern tech startups of Australia’s capital, touring between these two cities and their surrounding environs can provide an amazing contrast and help to give insight into each nation’s distinct identities. This mixture of modernity and history makes for a fascinating tour, and by using the excellent transportation services available, getting around each city and the further environs is simple.

Cost and Quality Balance

Touring between these two countries can be costly, and for some, the perceived expense of the tour can be daunting. However, with careful planning and a determination to find a balance between cost and quality, even the most cash-strapped of tourists can find something suitable to their budget. Researching companies for value for money, and researching the places to visit will help significantly decrease the overall cost of the tour, and help financial constraints become more manageable.


The food of China and Australia is diverse and varied, ranging from some of the best fine-dining restaurants in the world to some of the most unrecognised street foods. Combining flavours from across the world, the cuisine of these countries is a melting pot for many tastes, and crucially can leave indelible memories for even the most seasoned of travellers. Even vegetarian cuisine reaches new heights in these countries, and every type of taste is catered to.

Activities and Experiences

Touring between these two countries brings it own unique experiences. Everything from the opulent splendour of traditional Chinese New Year in Beijing, to the bustling markets and wildlife reserves of the Australian Outback offer something amazing for all occassions. Nature lovers will revel in Australia’s untouched rivers and beaches, whilst the cultural enthusiast will find Chinese theatre and artwork inspiring. There is much call for exploration between the two countries – and even if some of the more challenging experiences are avoided, there will be much to remember for years to come.

Cultural Exchange

What’s really interesting about touring between these two countries is the fusion of their cultures. People are curious, and many of the same experiences – from shopping to sightseeing – can be different depending on where in China or Australia they are undertaken. People in these countries appear at first to be very different, yet frequently share similar values and beliefs. This makes the exchange between the two cultures incredibly interesting, further enlightened by post-tour reflections on the differences.


The type of accommodation available in these countries ranges from five star suites and luxury resorts, to budget-friendly hostels and hotels. Touring in China and Australia gives visitors the chance to stay in some truly exceptional places, from boutique-style guest houses to the comforts of the modern home. Reserving accommodation early is highly recommend, to ensure that availability does not interfere with the tour.


Enthusiasts of sports will be spoiled for choice between China and Australia, with local and international events taking place throughout the year. Beijing is home to a host of prestigious sports tournaments, and the Australian Open is a highly popular event with travellers from across the globe. Travellers do not necessarily need to be interested in watching professional sports to enjoy sports – many areas of the country provide excellent opportunities for activities such as diving, trekking and mountain biking, depending on nearby facilities.

Souvenirs and Memorabilia

What better way to remember a tour of China and Australia than with some souvenirs and memorabilia from the places visited and experienced? Chinese sculptures, Australian Aboriginal artwork, and much more can help to commemorate the tour and serve as a reminder of the wonderful cultural exchange. For those with an eye for a bargain, there are plenty of good deals to be had on a range of souvenirs throughout both countries.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Nightlife and entertainment is different between China and Australia, with many bars and clubs offering something special to appeal to all tastes. From music, theatre and arts to dance, DJs, pubs and nightclubs, there is always something happening in Beijing and Canberra. Each country has its own unique nightlife experiences, from big-city pubs to hidden bars, small music venues to hidden pocket-sized clubs. Touring between China and Australia will introduce visitors to an array of scenes and sounds.

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Bernice A. Sorrells is a freelance journalist and travel writer from the United States. She has written extensively about China, covering topics such as culture, history, politics, and economics. Bernice has traveled extensively throughout China, visiting many of its provinces and cities.

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