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Traveling to China ​has become extremely popular these​ ​days​.The choice of the destination of China is ​motivated by the country’s ​beautiful culture,​ ​history, ​unforgettable ​attractions, ​unparalleled cuisine, and ​affordable prices. Many tourists find it hard to decide what to ​focus on during their mission travel​ in China as there are numerous ​attraction​s to ​experience. To help travelers, below are some must-visit ​places​ to explore on your mission trip to China.

The Great Wall of China

No visitor can miss out on visiting the Great Wall of China which is ​considered to be one of the world’s​ ​wonders​. Construction since the 7th century BC, the Great Wall is ​the world’s ​longest ​man-made structure​ and the largest ​endeavor​ ever​ undertaken. ​It ​runs for approximately ​5,500 miles ​spanning ​through ​China’s ​stunning countryside​ and ​provide​s a ​fascinating​ ​cultural experience for its visitors.

The Terracotta Army Museum

A visit to the Terracotta Army Museum ​is a must in China​​​.This historic ​site can be found ​in ​Xi’an, near the mausoleum of Emperor Qin​​, who was China’s first ​unified ruler. The site contains life-size ​thousands of ​sculptures​​ of ​legendary ​soldiers which​ were made ​to ​protect the emperor ​in the afterlife​. This ​museum is a great source of ​education and entertainment​ for visitors who come here to learn ​about​ the fact​​s ​​from this era.

The Li River

The Li River is ​one of the must-see​ sights ​in China. Flowing ​82 miles​ from the ​Karst mountain ​landscape​ and ​passing through many ​picturesque​ villages,​ the Li Rivers offers ​a ​breathtaking​ natural view. Visitors can take a scenic boat ride as ​they experience​ the beauty of the ​mountain​s and​ the​ countryside. The Li River is also an excellent place for ​birdwatching and photography​.

The Forbidden City

A​ ​visit to the ​ancient ​Forbidden City ​is ​a must for those who want to experience​ the most iconic ​sights in China​​. The extensive complex of Chinese ​palace architecture​ was ​constructed by the the ​Ming dynasty and ​designated ​as the former imperial palace ​for the emperor​s of China. ​Visitors are ​impressed by the ​enormous​ ​size, the​ majestic ​chambers, and the spectacular ​gardens which are the ​main attractions of this ​monument.

The Summer Palace

No visit to China is complete without a visit to the Summer Palace. Built ​in the late 18th century, ​this royal retreat is located ​on the ​outskirts of Beijing. Visitors are ​often ​charmed by the natural​ beauty, the lush gardens, the​ ​pearl-like​ ​wooden lakes, and the ​magnificent​ ​palaces. ​In addition to the ​beauty of the site, there is a ​wealth of history to explore.

Xi’an City Wall

Built in the 14th century, the Xi’an City Wall is the oldest and best-preserved wall in all of China. The wall is ​thick, ​long, and strong​, and it ​encloses ​the old city center of ​Xi’an. It is an impressive sight and ​travelers are ​drawn to it​, particularly ​when​ they ​take the bike path on its inner side. The ​excellent structure of the wall ​along with its history ​and ​art ​provide​s the traveler with ​an unforgettable ​experience.

The Temple and Mosque of Xi’an

One of the most ​visited sites in Xi’an is ​the Temple and Mosque of Xi’an. This ​scarlet-colored ​site is ​one of the ​most ​ diverse structures​ in China. The​ ​mosque represents the ​era when the ​Muslims ​ruled in ​Xi’an. On the ​opposite side of the street, there is a ​temple​ which is known to be one of the ​most important Daoist temples in the city. Visiting the Temple and Mosque of Xi’an is like taking a step back in ​time to explore a ​unique ​part of ​Chinese culture.

The Giant Pandas

One of the most loved and iconic ​creatures in the world, the Giant Pandas can be found ​in China at the Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center. This ​research facility was ​established in ​ 1987 to ​conserve the species. Visitors can get up close and personal with these ​gently creatures​​​ and learn about the efforts made to ​preserve this ​endangered species.

The Hanging Temple

Located ​near Shanxi Province, the Hanging Temple is a ​unique structure that is ​built into a cliffside ​130 feet above the ground. This temple is still active and currently visited by worshipers and tourists alike.​​ The dizzying height of the Hanging Temple ​amazed ​visitors but ​the ​complex is ​just as impressive as it also consists of a ​medicine hall, a ​hall of the ​Heavenly Kings, the shrine, and the ​dynamic carvings adorning the walls.

The Three Gorges Dam

The ​Three Gorges Dam is​ the world’s largest ​hydro-electrical project. This dam ​stretches ​over the ​Yangtze River and is located near the Hubei Province. ​The dam has ​many ​benefits​ such as the production of electricity and the regulation of the floods. Visitors can take part in a cruise which will provide them with stunning views of the dam and the gorges.

The Leshan Giant Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha is the ​largest ​stone buddha​ in the world which stands ​an ​impressive ​71 meters ​tall. This remarkable structure was built in 713 AD and is located in Sichuan. The ​enormous Buddhist sculpture faces the ​mountains of Leshan which provide it with an ​extraordinary backdrop. A visit to the Leshan Giant Buddha will ​be an ​unforgettable moment for visitors.

The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal ​arches ​across China and is ​the world’s longest ​artificial river. Built ​during the 5th century BC, this ​canal ​spans around 1,500 miles and ​connects several​ provinces. In ​modern times, the Grand Canal is ​important ​for its transportation ​system. Another reason why the canal attracts many visitors is​ its array of ​scenic spots, such as the ​ancient bridges, temples, and cities.

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