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China people travels to celebrate Chinese New Year all around the world. It’s the grandest celebration in Chinese society, with celebrations lasting up to 15 days from the Chinese New Year’s Eve until the Lantern Festival.The significance and history of the event traces back to centuries old customs and traditions rooted deep in Chinese culture.

Taking festive holidays in China around the Chinese New Year is a special experience.Spending the Chinese Lunar New Year in the home- land of the Chinese people is always a joyous affair.Visiting local temples, joining in the local festivities, and eating the delicious food are just some of the highlights that one can expect from a Chinese New Year vacation in the land of the dragon.The different cities and towns of China have something unique to offer and something for everyone.

One of the main attractions for visitors during the Chinese New Year period is often the opportunity to take part in the lion dance, a dynamic display that is often seen in many parts of the country every year.The traditional lion dance is often accompanied with drums and fireworks which create a captivating and exciting atmosphere for tourists alike.

The most popular Chinese New Year activities take place in Beijing.Beijing is renowned for its grand and extravagant celebrations throughout the year, and the Chinese New Year celebration is no exception.The city is usually full of vibrant decorations and hosts a number of street parades and performances throughout the festive season.This is a great way for visitors to experience the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations.

Food is yet another highlight of visiting China during the Chinese New Year celebrations.Chinese cuisine varies widely with every region of the country having its own unique range of dishes.During the Chinese Lunar New Year period, it is especially important to enjoy the sumptuous meals with family which serves to strengthen family bonds.

Gift giving is also an important custom during the new year period.Gifts are given out to family and friends in order to express wishes of health and prosperity.This is a fantastic opportunity for visitors to display their culture by giving traditional gifts that have symbolic meanings.

Traveling in China during the Chinese New Year period is a unique and enjoyable experience.Not only can visitors learn more about the culture, history and traditions of the country, they can also be part of the festivities themselves and share in the joy experienced by the locals at this special time of the year.


Getting around during the Chinese New Year period can be a tricky business. Due to the rush of the holiday season, many transportation services tend to become overcrowded. But thankfully, there are several ways of travelling around the country, from taking advantage of the well-developed high-speed rail network to using domestic flights or buses for shorter trips.

Travellers looking for an authentic Chinese experience can opt for the slower but much more enjoyable option of taking a cruise down one of the many rivers in the country.This way they’ll get to see some of the amazing scenery that China has to offer and experience what life is like for local people living along the coastline.’


Shopping in China during the Chinese New Year should be a must. The festive season brings a flurry of discounts and offers that can help travellers to save a lot of money on their purchases.Be sure to visit the country’s traditional markets as they often have the most interesting and unique items for sale. Additionally, a visit to some of China’s larger cities such as Beijing or Shanghai can be a great way to find the latest trends in Chinese fashion, technology and gadgets.


China is an incredibly safe place to visit, and the Chinese New Year period is generally no exception.The government takes great care to ensure that the public is kept out of any potential danger, and strong police and security forces are always on alert due to the influx of visitors.Travellers should still remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings, however.

Time Difference

Time differences between China and many other countries may be something to take into account when travelling.Depending on the country of origin, day time in the target destination could be several hours behind or ahead.Be sure to stay aware of these time differences and plan accordingly in order to maximise time.

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