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As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, China is a country rooted in fascinating culture and traditions. Drawing in tourists from across the globe, the majestic country is abound in remarkable attractions and beautiful sights. Approximately 395.7 million domestic and 56 million international tourists visit the country to experience a one of a kind getaway. With a growing tourism industry, combined with its diverse landscape, China attracts an array of travelers who seek to explore and appreciate its remarkable beauty.

Traveling to China during the most pleasant weather is any tourist’s delight. The country is home to a variety of climates, depending on the region; ranging from tropical, to subtropical, to temperate and more. Tourists seeking to experience some of its most popular tourist sites in good weather should time their trips between April and October. During this period, temperatures range between 10 and 27 degrees Celsius. Those visiting China’s western interior should expect dry and windy conditions, with temperatures reaching up to 40 or even 45 degrees Celsius.

With around 20 percent of China’s terrain consisting of mountains, plenty of opportunities to explore the region’s colorful sceneries in good weather are available. The province of Yunnan in Southwestern China is an ideal place to visit with its numerous terraced paddy fields, ancient Ginkgo trees and many other unique attractions. The mild climate experienced during the spring, summer and fall months make this region most suitable for exploration and sightseeing.

Another popular destination during good weather is Beijing, the capital of China. Here, tourists can observe the city’s incredible architecture, such as the Forbidden City Palace, the Summer Palace and more. During the spring and early summer months, the temperatures range between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius. This not only makes it enjoyable for sightseeing, but also suitable for outdoor activities like hot-air balloon trips and mountain biking tours.

Those traveling to China in search of adventure should make their way to Sichuan and Tibet. The year-round mild to warm temperatures make the two mesmerizing regions even more attractive. From paragliding in Shangri-La, to trekking the Sichuan Peaks, to exploring the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon; travelers can find an array of activities and attractions awaiting them in these regions.

Apart from its diverse climate, China’s temperate weather allows tourists to fully immerse in the country’s culture and diversities. Chinese festivals are celebrated across the country throughout the year. From experiencing the beauty of the Lijiang Naxi Impression festival in April to witnessing the traditional dragon boat races in June and swimming in the clear blue waters of Xiamen in August; it is easy for tourists to make the most of their China travel.

Festive foods

When it comes to celebrating festivals in China, no festival is complete without its traditional and delicious foods. As the good weather invites travelers from around the world, tourists can experience the scrumptious delicacies that the country has to offer. From unique flavors of Sichuan to Cantonese-style dim sum, no Chinese festival is complete without these gastronomic delights.

During major festive occasions, Chinese restaurants across the country serve dozens of traditional dishes. From popular dishes like Yu Xiang Qie Zi, or the famous Chinese Peking Duck, there is something special for every traveler wishing to experience the traditional flavors of China. In addition, tourists can appreciate the country’s fantastic culinary delights in its authentic open-air food markets and small eateries across all of its cities.

Adventure sports

The pleasant weather experienced in the country allows thrilling adventure sports and activities such as hot air balloon rides, quad bike rides, bungee jumping, and skydiving. With beautiful mountainous terrains, beautiful lakes, and vast oceans, China is a haven for adventure and adrenaline-rushes. From paragliding in Hangzhou, rock-climbing in Yangshuo, or sand-surfing in the deserts of Xinjiang, China is filled with breathtaking sights and experiences.

Apart from land-based activities, the oceanic waters of the country offer some of its best adventures. The Yellow Sea serves as the perfect home for underwater diving, snorkeling, and swimming. Sailing, surfing, and kayaking are popular in its South China Sea islands. Tourists wishing to soak in the beauty of the Chinese coastline should make the best of this favorable weather and enjoy the benefits of its beautiful shorelines.

Cultural heritage

As travelers bask in the good weather of the country, they can wholly enjoy its rich cultural heritage. China’s splendid classical music alongside its traditional art and literature have made for a renowned identity throughout the world. Out of its many celebrated entertainment practices, Peking Opera is one of the most celebrated forms of traditional Chinese entertainment.

The country’s grand Taipei National Palace Museum, iconic Xi’An City Wall, and fascinating Shanghai Bund are some of its finest heritage monuments. One of the world’s most visited locations, the multi-tiered Great Wall of China, with its excellent conditions during the spring and autumn months, offer a remarkable experience. The entire city of Shanghai is a delightful surprise for tourists, who can take advantage of the pleasant weather to marvel at its outstanding buildings and memorials.


Due to its varied topography, ranging from the Himalayan mountain ranges to its attractive glacial valleys, one of the best activities travelers can indulge in is hiking. Adventure seekers can pick out any of the country’s many hiking trails to make the most of their China travel. Long distances and tough terrains make the highlands of Sichuan, Yunnan, and Qinghai a great option for a challenging hike.

Hiking in Jiuzhaigou, Yangshuo or Mt. Longhu is a unique way to fully immerse in Chinese culture and explore its breathtaking natural beauty. From soaring mountains to the valleys of Zhangjiajie, travelers will be in for an assorted surprise. Adventurers can also make use of the comfortable weather to experience the many outdoor activities these trails have to offer.

Beach vacations

One of the most popular destinations tourists visit during the summer months is China’s exotic coastal and island regions. Tourists planning their beach getaways can look forward to some of the best coastal attractions during Christmas and New Year’s. From the snow white sands of Sanya in Hainan to the tropical beaches of Xiamen, China is abundant in its beachy attractions.

The average temperatures of China’s beach destinations often vary ranging from 24 to 29 degrees Celsius. Boasting blue waters, crispy air, and alluring sights, tourists can look forward to submerging themselves in its beauty and exploring its iconic resorts. Other popular establishments include the Resort World in Hainan Island, Grand Kempinski Shanghai, and various five-star hotels across the country.

Wellness retreats

The pleasant weather of the country inspires travelers to enjoy its therapeutic and restorative vacations. The country guarantees an array of unique retreats, allowing vacationers to experience a plethora of innovative healing methods in its luxurious retreats. From traditional Chinese medicine to yoga and Ayurveda, these retreats offer holistic treatments for individuals who come seeking solace.

The Zanzou Deer Valley near Hainan Island or the Dazhong Qingyin Retreat Villa in Xinjiang are some wellness destinations tourists can look forward to. Tourists visiting the Chinese Buddhist countryside, rich in spiritual and ancient healing traditions, can look forward to their rejuvenating vacations in the Drigung Valley.

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