China Travel Plug Type

What is China Travel Plug Type?

China is a major economic and tourism powerhouse, with millions of people visiting it every year for business or leisure. But many fail to factor in the different plug types when travelling to this vast nation. Plug type used to fit electrical appliances into the socket varies from region to region in China. Those unfamiliar with the variety of plug types available may have difficulty recharging their phones, laptops, shavers and other electrical items.

Why Do Plug Types Matter?

Having the wrong plug type for a socket could be a real let-down when you are out and about in China. It might spoil your experience of a country that’s getting more and more sophisticated every day. Buying electrical items abroad is expensive and some make the mistake of carrying heavy adapters and converters when there’s simply no need for them when travelling to China.

What are the Different China Plug Types?

Type A: This is one of the most common types of plugs used in mainland China and features two, round pins. It is generally compatible with plugs from North and South American countries as well as Japan, but not Europe.
Type C: This type of plug is used all over Europe as well as some parts of Africa, South America and Asia. It comprises two round pins and is almost identical to the Type A plug, although it is slightly wider.
Type I: This is the third type of plug used in China and has three flat pins. It is most commonly used in Australia, New Zealand and parts of Oceania.

What is the Recommended Type?

Type A and Type C plugs are the ones most widely found in China, so if you can, bring an adapter which works with both of these. This way you are safe, no matter where you travel in China. The Type I plug is relatively less common, so it’s best not to overpack with multiple types of adapter.

Are Portable Travel Adapters Helpful?

Portable travel adapters are especially useful when travelling to China because they are stepped and can accommodate all three prevalent plug types. Wasong is a popular choice for those travelling to China as it is made with top-grade materials and its embedded PCB ensure complete and comprehensive protection against short circuits, over-heating and over-charge. Most importantly, it comes with a certified cable and is compatible with both Type A and Type C plugs used in China.

How to Find the Right Adapter

The first step in finding the right adapter is to do the relevant research. Look up which type of plugs are used in the region you are travelling to. In the case of China, it’s Type A and Type C plugs. Once you have identified the type of plug being used, you can buy the necessary adapter or converters to ensure that you can always charge your essential devices.

Other Considerations

Apart from the plug type, another important consideration when travelling to China is the voltage. China’s plugs generally supply a voltage of 220 volts, which is different from the American standard of 110 volts. It is advisable to check the voltage of any device you plan to use in China to make sure it is compatible. You should also check the voltage of any battery charger or power adapter you bring from your home country to make sure it is compatible in China.

Are All-in-One Adapters a Good Choice

All-in-one adapters are a popular choice for those travelling to China as they come with an international option and allow you to use multiple plug types from around the world without needing to carry multiple adapters. A good all-in-one adapter should also have surge protection and multiple safety features for reliable charging. This ensures that your devices are charged safely and efficiently while you are travelling in China.

Key Points to Remember

When travelling to China, the research on plug types and voltage is of the utmost importance. Knowing the plug type used in the region you are travelling to ensures you can always charge your devices easily and without hassle. Bringing an all-in-one adapter, like the Wasong, means that you can use multiple plug types from around the world without the need to carry multiple adapters. Lastly, checking the voltage of your device and battery charger, before making the journey to China, is essential in order for them to be used in the country. With these key points in mind, travelling with the correct plug type and the right adapter can make any journey to China a smooth and worry-free experience.

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