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About CTC Travel

CTC Travel is a Chinese travel company which specializes in creating the perfect tailor-made tours for any traveller, whether they are looking for a leisurely holiday or a more adventurous journey. They offer travel packages to some of the world’s most stunning and mesmerising destinations. For those who want to explore China, CTC Travel has created China tour packages which include flights, accommodation, tours, and other activities. Their tour packages cover all of the must-visit cities and tourist attractions, such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, and the Terracotta Warriors monument.

China Tour Package Benefits and Advantages

CTC Travel offers a range of different China tour packages to suit any budget and travel preference. Their packages are customizable and designed to make your trip even more memorable. When booking a tour package with CTC Travel, you will be able to enjoy several benefits and advantages, such as:

  • Early bird promotions and discounts on group bookings.
  • High-quality tour guides who can give you insights into the Chinese culture and history.
  • Access to sites and attractions that can be difficult to reach on your own.
  • Services like private transfers, Airport Express Travel services to make your travel easier and more comfortable.

A China tour package from CTC Travel also includes a wide range of other services, such as 24-hour customer care support, visa application and visa assistance, personalised itineraries, and easy payment plans. With the help of customer service representatives, travellers can customize their tour package to suit their individual needs and preferences.

Testimonials and Reviews

Since CTC Travel is one of the leading travel companies in China, it is no surprise that it has earned many positive reviews and testimonials from its customers. Many people have praised the services that CTC Travel offers, as well as the unique and amazing experiences that they have enjoyed in China.

CTC Travel customers have noted that their tour packages were well-planned and informative, with knowledgeable guides taking them to some of the most beautiful sites and attractions. They have also praised CTC Travel for their attentive customer service and for helping them to make the most out of their trip, even when they encountered any issues.

Professional Guidance

In addition to the many benefits and advantages of their tour packages, CTC Travel also provides professional guidance and advice. Its team of travel agents are knowledgeable about China’s tourism, culture, and history, and can offer valuable insights and advice for creating an unforgettable trip. They can offer customized itineraries and suggest special activities and experiences that travellers may not have considered.

CTC Travel also creates detailed and informative e-books and blog posts, which provide useful information about China and its most popular attractions. Travellers can use these to learn more about the different sights and activities so they don’t miss out on any of the must-see spots.

Booking Methods

CTC Travel offers two booking methods – online and offline. Travellers can book their tour packages online, using a secure payment system, or they can make their bookings through their customer service team. Both methods are easy to use and provide a hassle-free experience.

Customer Support

CTC Travel provides 24-hour customer service and tailor-made solutions for its customers. The customer service team is knowledgeable and friendly, and can answer any questions or queries that customers may have. In addition to this, CTC Travel also has an online customer support centre, which provides helpful information and links to the latest offers and promotions.

Additional Services

CTC Travel can also provide additional services such as travel insurance, airport transfers, and even bookings for hotels and flights. These services can make the travel experience easier and more convenient for customers.

Passion for Travel and Exploration

CTC Travel is committed to helping every traveller experience the beauty and culture of China. It strives to provide people with the best opportunities to explore the country and create unforgettable memories. With its helpful services, knowledgeable professionals, and extensive experience in the industry, CTC Travel is a reliable partner for any journey.

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