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Engineer China International Travel (ECIT) is a specialized tour and immigration firm designed to provide tailored experiences for those looking to learn more about China’s culture, language, and society. ECIT provides excursions to some of the country’s most famous cities and sights. Additionally, they provide customers with the expertise and guidance necessary to emigrate to the country, ensuring the experience is as smooth as possible.


ECIT provides a range of services for travelers and immigrants looking to explore China. The tour company’s expertly planned trips to Chinese cities combine cultural exploration, sightseeing, and comfort. Tours often include visits to grand palaces, picturesque temples, and other iconic locations. Travelers have the opportunity to observe different customs, learn about the country’s rich culture, and indulge in local delicacies.

In addition to their tour offerings, the company also specializes in helping customers to emigrate to China, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is completed quickly and safely, as well as the opportunity to apply for permanent residency. For potential immigrants, ECIT offers assistance with job placement and visa applications in addition to detailed advice on living in the country.

Benefits of ECIT

Clients who opt for an ECIT vacation can enjoy a number of benefits. Not only does the company provide organized tours that maximize sightseeing and cultural exploration, but these trips are also tailored to individual preferences. ECIT’s travel coordinator will meet with customers in advance, discuss their interests, and tailor a personalized itinerary. Additionally, ECIT will coordinate airport transfers and accompaniment during the tour as needed.

The tour company also offers customers the chance to explore destinations that may not be on the typical tourist trail. Making the most of their experience, travelers can choose to stay at a traditional Chinese inn or a peaceful village, enjoy excursions to places off the beaten path, and learn more about the country’s local culture.

ECIT also provides their customers with an array of resources and factsheets to ensure their trips are as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. From providing customers with information about climate and currency to reorganizing their itinerary, customers are put at ease and guaranteed a worry-free vacation.

Services and Cost

The tour services offered by ECIT are designed to be cost-effective and comprehensive. Depending on the trip duration and accommodations chosen, tour packages range from €1,200 to €4,500. Group tours are available, allowing customers to benefit from a price reduction of up to 50%. Those who opt for individual trips may pay an additional fee for accommodation and meals.

In addition to tour packages, ECIT offers a range of services for those looking to emigrate to China. As such, the company will assist potential immigrants with all necessary paperwork, including visa applications, job placement services, and other relevant documents. Prices may vary depending on the service required.

Customer Reviews

From reading customer reviews, it’s clear that travelers who have booked with ECIT are extremely satisfied with the service they received. Customers have praised the tour company for its attentive and competent staff, robust knowledge of China, and excellent sense of organization. Additionally, customers have stated that their itineraries were designed to maximize their travel experiences, making the most of their stay in the country.

Clients have also commended ECIT for their efficient and friendly immigration services, noting that the company goes above and beyond in assisting customers with their visa applications and other paperwork. Despite their comprehensive services, customers have noted that the tour company still offers competitive prices.


For those looking to explore China, Engineer China International Travel offers extraordinary tours and invaluable expertise. The tour company provides customers with tailored experiences, ensuring that their trips are as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Additionally, ECIT also specializes in helping customers to emigrate to China, providing detailed advice on potential job opportunities in the country. With their exceptional services and reasonable prices, ECIT stands out as the ultimate choice for travelers and immigrants looking to explore and discover the beautiful and mysterious country of China.

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