Essential Apps For China Travel

Essential Apps for China Travel

Knowing which apps to download before planning a trip to China can add convenience, save money, and unlock unique experiences. For travelers, having the best apps on their phones can be even more important than having the perfect luggage set. Apps in China are used for everything from hailing a taxi to ordering food, making payments, navigating the subway, and even learning Chinese! Here are a few of the essential apps every traveler should have when going to China.

The first app to have is Alipay. With Alipay travelers can scan QR codes to make fast payments in almost any shop or restaurant. The system is connected to most Chinese banks plus international credit cards – even Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted in some places. With a few taps of the finger taxes can be paid in most cities and there are big discounts and cashbacks available too.

Didi Chuxing, also known as Didi Taxi, is the most popular transportation app in China. It works similarly to Uber, operates across hundreds of different cities, and is significantly cheaper than taking a cab. With real-time navigation built into the app, travelers can avoid getting lost if they’re running late for an appointment. Plus, the app can be used in English, which is a huge bonus for foreign travelers.

To get around the subway system, most people use an app called Baidu Maps. Not only does it give travelers full access to the bus and subway schedules, but it also helps you find your way around with turn-by-turn navigation. In addition, you can access maps of shops, restaurants, and other attractions which makes it easy to find the perfect spot for a night out.

If you want to learn some basic Chinese, Pleco is the app to download. It’s a comprehensive dictionary and can also be used for studying grammar and vocabulary. The app even has a handwriting recognition feature that helps travelers translate unfamiliar signs and menus.

Xiaomi Wallet is a must-have for travelers as it allows you to store and exchange Chinese Yuan. It’s a secure way to pay for goods and services in China, including taxis, hotels, restaurants, online shopping, and more. Not only does it give travelers peace of mind, but it also helps them avoid conversion charges when exchanging currency.

To explore the nightlife of China, travelers should consider downloading WeChat, the popular messaging app. This is essential for meeting locals, making friends, booking tickets, and getting discounts. As well as helping to connect travelers to the Chinese culture, this app also allows users to pay for their purchases and transfer money.

Finally, VPNs have become increasingly more popular for travelers. Many popular websites are censored in China, such as Google, Facebook, and some news websites. To get around the censorship, travelers need to use a VPN, which will allow them to access websites and services from their home country.

Finding Accommodation with the App

Staying in China can be expensive, and it can be difficult to find the best deals on accommodation that fits your budget. That’s why the app is so useful. has great prices on hotels, motels, and hostels, making it easy to search and compare the best deals in town. With, travelers can access maps to find out where exactly the accommodation is located, read customer reviews, and book everything from the app.

And it’s not just hotels. Nepal also has great deals on package tours, which includes transportation, accommodation, and activities. Whether travelers are planning a few days in Shanghai or a week in Chengdu, has bundles that include everything they need, at the best price. is also great for budget travelers as it offers cashback, discounts, and coupon codes which can reduce the total cost of the trip. And for those who need a last-minute booking with no time to spare, the app also lets you book flights just minutes before takeoff!

Exploring China with Xianyu

For travelers who are looking for an authentic experience in China, Xianyu is the app to download. It has listings for all kinds of things, from tours and meals to activities and attractions. Plus, there’s a huge selection of locally-owned bed-and-breakfasts, hostels, and guesthouses, so travelers can really get to see the best of what China has to offer.

Xianyu also has listings from local tour guides, which is perfect for travelers who want to learn more about Chinese culture. Not only do these tours provide a unique insight into the history and culture of China, but they can also be a great way to make new friends and meet some interesting people. Plus, many of these tours are free or offered at a discounted price.

Xianyu is also great for budget travelers. Many of the listings have huge discounts, and the app also features long-term deals and special offers. With Xianyu, travelers can find the best deals on accommodation, experiences, and activities.

Eating Out with the Dianping App

Every traveler knows that the best way to explore a country is through its food. With the Dianping app, travelers can find all kinds of different restaurants, foods, and drinks, from local street food to Michelin-starred eateries. As well as helping travelers find the perfect spot to eat, Dianping has reviews and ratings for each location, so travelers can make sure they’re getting the best food and the best service.

The app is also great for finding local delicacies. From hotpots and dumplings to exotic fruits and seafood dishes, Dianping helps travelers unlock the secrets of Chinese cuisine. Plus, there are reviews and photos so travelers can get an idea of the food’s quality and taste.

And for those who have food allergies or specific dietary requirements, the app makes it easy to find suitable restaurants. Just type in your needs and the app will immediately show all the restaurants in the area. It’s also handy for finding vegetarian or vegan restaurants, as the app has a filter for food types.

Planning the Trip with Fliggy App

Knowing how to plan a trip to China can be a difficult task, especially for first-time travelers. The Fliggy app helps make the process easier, with guidance and advice for every step from planning the route to booking transportation and accommodation. It also offers helpful tips about the best places to visit in China and has suggestions on unique activities to try.

The app is handy for booking flights and accommodation too. In addition to helping travelers find the best deals, Fliggy also has discounts and coupon codes, which can save travelers money. Plus, the app can show prices in real-time so travelers can compare prices before booking.

Fliggy is also great for researching destinations. Travelers can read reviews about local attractions and find out what nearby activities are worth trying out. It has helpful maps with detailed information about places to visit, as well as pictures and videos that help give travelers a better idea of what to expect.

Ordering Food with the Meituan App

Whether travelers are looking for a quick bite to eat or a full meal, the Meituan app makes food delivery easier than ever. With over 200,000 restaurants to choose from, travelers can browse through menus and order food to be delivered to their door. The app also has ratings and reviews, so travelers can be sure they’re getting the best quality food available.

Meituan is also a great way to sample all the different types of cuisine available in China. From spicy Sichuan dishes to Cantonese dim sum, travelers can explore the full range of Chinese flavors with just a few taps. And for those who have specific dietary requirements, there are filters for common allergens, such as gluten and dairy.

If travelers are looking for a quick snack, the app also has deals on snacks and beverages, as well as discounts on delivery fees. Plus, the app also has an option to pre-order food, so travelers can reserve a meal and have it delivered later.

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