Gate1 Travel China 15 Days

Overview of the Tour

Gate1 Travel’s China 15 Days tour offers an unforgettable experience to explore China’s vast culture, majestic scenery, and fascinating history. The tour’s itinerary focuses on significant historical points, such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall in Beijing, Guilin’s terrain, Shanghai’s urban attractions, and much more. The duration of the trip covers 15 days, giving travelers plenty of opportunities to enjoy shopping, sightseeing, and unique interactions with the locals. A highlight of the tour is the opportunity to visit local villages, discover historical Chinese works of art, and participate in ancient Chinese traditions.

The tour begins and ends in Beijing, heading west through the provinces of Gansu and Guizhou, and then south through Guangdong. Along the way, travelers are invited to explore some of the country’s most impressive sites and attractions.

Hotel Details

Gate1 Travel’s 15 Days tour includes luxurious 4- and 5-star hotel accommodations, professional tour guides, and meals selected to accommodate the cultural diversity of the group. Travelers can enjoy beautiful and comfortable rooms throughout their journey with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and modern amenities.


In Beijing, travelers are invited to explore the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and the Summer Palace. Then, travelers will head west to explore the Dunhuang Mogao Caves, Lanzhou, and Jiayuguan. Afterwards, travelers will visit the ancient town of Lijiang, the breathtaking Yangtze River, and Shanghai. In Shanghai, travelers will get to explore the Bund, Yuyuan Garden, and Yu Garden.

Although Gate1 Travel’s 15 Days tour focuses mainly on cultural attractions, travelers also have the opportunity to explore unique shopping experiences from street markets, local handicrafts, kiosks, and bazaars.

Food and Beverages

The tour includes plenty of tasting experiences, from traditional Chinese recipes to more modern dishes. Local restaurants and family-style eateries are visited during the tour, giving travelers an authentic cultural experience. Travelers can enjoy snacks such as egg tarts and baozi, as well as famous dishes such as Peking duck, Mala hotpot, and Cantonese dim sum.

In addition to the dining and tasting experiences, the tour also includes speciality tours such as a Chinese tea ceremony and wine-tasting at a local winery. There is also a chance to try traditional Chinese activities such as calligraphy and painting, and to watch a Peking opera performance and a kung fu show.

Costs and Insurance

The total cost of the tour varies according to the type of accommodation chosen and the size of the group. Group discounts are available, and there are special offers for couples and families. Payment can be done online using a credit card or PayPal. Gate1 Travel also provides travelers with an insurance policy to cover medical emergency, cancelation or modifications, delayed flights, and more.


Transportation during the tour is included in the package price. Private transportation is arranged with vans, busses, and even a high speed train. The duration of the tour may vary depending on the destinations visited. Most transfers are made by private car while some are made by busses.

With Gate1 Travel’s 15 Days China tour, travelers can get a glimpse into the many facets of Chinese culture and experience some of its most beautiful and iconic sights. Travelers are invited to explore an old world filled with legends, stories, and mysteries.

Local Activities

The tour includes visits to local temples, workshops, and markets. Travelers will witness ancient Chinese rituals such as paper cutting, Chinese calligraphy, and the traditional cooking practices of the locals. This tour offers travelers the opportunity to learn about the unique Chinese culture and traditions hands-on.

Local experts are available throughout the tour to answer any questions about customs, historical monuments, and cultural curiosities. This provides travelers with an unforgettable education and an intimate understanding of the Chinese heritage.

Travel Tips

Prior to the trip, travelers should check the Visa regulations for their country of origin to ensure that they comply with the Chinese travel regulations. Additionally, travelers should plan to bring comfortable clothes and shoes, as the tour will involve a lot of walking and sightseeing.

It is also essential to bring a valid passport, as travelers are advised to keep it in a secure place. Travelers should pack accordingly in order to avoid having to buy things they don’t need.


China’s climate varies greatly depending on the region. Generally, summers are hot and humid with occasional showers. Winters are dry and relatively cold but can also experience snowfall. The optimal time to visit is in the spring (April-June) and fall (September-November), when the temperatures are mild and the skies are mostly clear.

Travelers should plan accordingly by checking the weather forecast and packing the right attire. It is also important to check the local news for alerts, as weather can change suddenly and many areas may experience heavy rains or snowfall.

Health and Safety

China is a safe and friendly country, however, tourists should be aware of possible safety risks. it is important to take the necessary precautions such as keeping to well populated areas, avoiding dark and deserted streets, and not engaging in activities that may be considered illegal or unsafe.

Travelers should also have some basic understanding of Chinese etiquette as it is important to show respect to the local culture and customs. Additionally, it is important to take out travel insurance in case of unexpected incident or cancellations.

Additional Advice

Aside from the usual must-see sights, travelers should also try to incorporate some activities or attractions off the tourist trail. This can be done by exploring small streets and alleyways, or taking part in unique cultural experiences. Additionally, travelers should aim to try all sorts of cuisines, they may even find some hidden gems in the local food markets.

Gate1 Travel’s 15 Days China tour provides a unique opportunity to explore one of the world’s oldest civilizations. From experiencing the breathtaking views of the Yangtze River, to discovering historical monuments, to savoring the delectable cuisine, the tour allows travelers to uncover the hidden wonders of the country from the comfort of their own private group.

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