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History of Guangdong travel

Established over 1000 years ago, Guangdong Province has long been the gateway to foreign trade and cultural interactions from the West and East. It was the only port in China at the time when the People 's Republic of China was founded. Throughout the centuries, Guangdong tourism remained a major stop for travelers looking to explore the subtropical climate and lush landscape.

The city of Guangzhou, also known as “Canton”, served as the provincial capital of over ten dynasties beginning from the Han Dynasty and is one of the oldest city in China with an ancient city wall, universities and museums.

Shenzhen, is the modern-day symbol of Guangdong’s rise to economic prosperity being one of the first cities to open up to foreign investment and rapidly evolve into a global metropolis. It was transformed into an international financial and business centre with vibrant skyscrapers, luxury apartments, and iconic attractions such as the Diwang Mansion.

Macau is another major travel destination in Guangdong known for its Portuguese cultural forefront with Mediterranean-style buildings housing casinos, resorts, restaurants, and theatres. It is home to a wealth of tourist attractions such as the Ruins of St. Paul's church, the A-Ma Temple, and the Venetian Macau.

Popular Activities

Guangdong travel is full of memorable and unique experiences. Visitors often begin their journey in the vibrant city of Guangzhou where they can stroll along the city streets seeing the historical buildings as well as the modern skyscrapers. Be sure to check out Temple of Bright Filial Piety, the 5th century Xin\’an Ancient City and Shamian Island Historic Park.

Exploring the night life is an important part of any Guangdong trip. Canton Tower, the tallest tower in China, is the prime spot for a fun night out with its shopping centres, cinemas, a giant Ferris wheel, and an interactive 3D display.

History buffs can visit historical and revolutionary sites such as world-famous Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall and the Museum of the Chinese Revolution with its impressive artifacts and recreations of life in the past.

A visit to Guangzhou is incomplete if one does not stop at the bustling Liuhua market, browse the goods sold, and enjoy a friendly chat with the locals. Gourmets and foodies can indulge in a variety of authentic Cantonese dishes including the classic dim sum and Pun Choi. Make sure not to miss the pearl milk tea, a popular favorite made drinkable by adding honey and tapioca balls.

Nature and Sightseeing

The beauty of Guangdong travel lies in its breathtaking landscapes from mountainous terrains to lush rainforest. Apleasure of the region are the beaches and islands, both of which are highly recommended for visiting. Notable ones include the Hainan Island and a dozen off-shore islands including Yinbi – a fishing village with a picturesque harbor, and the Hart Island with its stunning coastal views.

The eclectic mix of cultural artifacts, stunning landscapes, and vibrant skylines make Guangdong the perfect hub for a multi-destination trip. Nature lovers must visit the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, the seven pagodas, and the Nan\’ao Island. Each place offers a unique landscape experience and that is an incredible escape for locals and tourists alike.

The beauty of Guangdong bewitches all who visits, be it the winding lagoons in Xinhui or the terraced fields in Puning. This piece of paradise has something to offer to everyone as the landscape stretches from the Western Hills and rivers to the evergreen Pearl River Delta and the highly urbanized Metropolis of Shenzhen.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Guangdong’s landscape boasts a variety of tourist attractions that attract travelers from all over the world. The Guangzhou Chimelong International Circus, Safari Park, and Circus with its impressive animal display and amazing acrobat show, is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

For those looking for a bit of adventure, the Longjingyuan Nature Reserve offers a unique experience unlike any other. With its winding trails and dense forest, it is perfect for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities.

The highest free-float glass bridge in the world, the Dragon Park is known to be a popular tourist destination in the region. Named after the monster depicted at its core, it offers stunning 360-degree views of the city skyline and lush mountain backdrop.

The Hong Kong Sheng Keng Painting Academy is renowned for its breathtaking classes and breathtaking views and also serves as a great place to learn about the traditional ink painting and techniques used in China. Make sure to check out the nearby bamboo forests around the academy, which are great for exploration and bird-watching.

Shopping and Local Cuisine

An important part of experiencing Guangdong travel is to enjoy the culture and lifestyle of the local people. From vintage markets in Guangzhou to specialty stores in Shenzhen, there are so many delightful shopping experiences to indulge in. For electronics and gadgets, head straight to the Hua Qiangbei area offering an array of both office and home technology products.

Canton cuisine has been gaining international attention lately thanks to the thousands of top-notch restaurants located throughout the region. The regional delicacy, Cantonese dim sum, is must-try for visitors. With its dumplings, char siu, congee, and soups, this hearty cuisine will keep visitors satisfied.

Visitors can also experience a unique seafood market like in Nan\’ao Island. Fresh seafood is daily bought from the local fishermen and experts quickly skin and prepare a variety of seafood platters cooked in local styles. From steamed fish, stir-fried prawns, to boiling crab, there’s nothing quite like the gastronomical experience derived from seafood in Guangdong.

Recommended Itineraries

There is something for everyone in Guangdong. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, Guangdong is the perfect destination. Visit the traditional gardens and tea houses in Guangzhou in the morning and spend the afternoon in the high-rise buildings of Shenzhen. Enjoy night out on the town with light shows at The Canton Tower, casinos, and shows in Macau.

For a true life-changing experience, take the Guangdong-Fujian tour route and explore the ancient seaside towns and verdant tea plantations. In the Foshan area, visitors can explore the Heshan Hot Springs Park and enjoy unique hot spring experiences.

For a truly unforgettable Guangdong travel experience, visit the historical city of Nanhai and Dongguan to marvel at traditional crafts, pottery, and architecture, and embark on the special rail route to the birthplace of kung-fu, Ziyuan. Visitors can also take a cruise to the beautiful Qi’ao Island known for its serenity and nature.

Culture and Entertainment

When in Guangdong, visitors should not miss out on its unique culture offerings. Make sure to check out the Canton Tower, Chimelong Grand Theater, and the Yuexiu Park for the best of the city’s entertainment attractions. Enjoy the spectacular acrobatic show and LED display at The Chimelong Grand Theater .

Visit the Yupingzhai Art Museum and the Guiyang Art Museum for a more cultural experience. Visitors can take courses, go on tours, or explore interactive exhibits to understand the traditional art forms of Guangdong.

Located in Zhongshan area, the Military History Park of China is an interactive experience for visitors. Here they can learn about the history and culture of China's armed forces, explore the museum, and take souvenirs home.

The Guangdong Provincial People's Concert Hall is another must-visit for music lovers. This remarkable concert hall hosts musical shows from both local and international performers. Apart from these popular locations, there are countless other places to visit in Guangdong for a fascinating experience.

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