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Inner Mongolia, a province of China, is a popular tourist destination for its vast, unspoiled landscapes. Explore the remote beauty of vast grasslands, meadows, and deserts while discovering the exotic culture of the Mongolian people. Abzhen, a beautiful region in Central Inner Mongolia with exquisite grasslands, rolling hills, and wild sand dunes, offers travelers a unique experience.


Travellers can enter Inner Mongolia from any of its three international airports: Maerqin International, Erenhot Airport, and Manzhouli Airport. Maerqin International, the country’s major international airport, is located about 37 miles east of the city Erenhot and offers convenient access to other Central Inner Mongolian destinations such as Abzhen, Xilinhot, and Ulanhot. Most travellers from China arrive by train, but long-distance busses are also popular.


Erenhot and Xilinghot offer the most accommodation options in the Central Inner Mongolian region. Erenhot offers all-inclusive resort hotels, while the more authentic Xilinghot offers hostels, guesthouses, and Mongolian tent accommodation camps. The more remote Abzhen is known for its luxurious boutique hotels, while other regions outside Erenhot and Xilinghot offer guesthouses or camping.

Local Culture

Inner Mongolia has much to offer for those looking for an immersive cultural experience.Inner Mongolian culture features vibrant traditional music and dance, brightly-colored Mongolian paper cuts, and unique festivals throughout the year. Horse racing, wrestling, and archery competitions are held in the summer months in celebration of the nomadic lifestyle.


Inner Mongolia is a paradise for nature lovers.The vast grasslands are home to some of China’s most spectacular wildlife such as the wild yak, the Mongolian gazelle, and the endangered Przewalski’s horse. There are numerous nature reserves and national parks such as Genghis Khan National Park, Abzhen Desert National Park, and Hulun Buir National Park that offer visitors a unique chance to observe Mongolian wildlife and stunning natural scenery.


Inner Mongolia offers a wide array of fun activities to suit all tastes. Visit the Genghis Khan Mausoleum to pay tribute to the legendary Mongolian ruler. Take a stroll along the endless grasslands of Abzhen and go horse riding with local nomads. Explore the vast desert stretching from the western side of Hulun Buir to the eastern Corum, or marvel at the rolling hills and meadows of Xilinhot.


Inner Mongolia may be located in the middle of nowhere, but its food is definitely worth a visit. The cuisine of the Mongolian people is influenced by both western and eastern traditions, with dishes such as mutton hotpot,steamed dumplings, and roasted lamb being the most popular. Traditional local snacks including sweet yogurt and steamed buns can be found on the streets of any major city.

Nightlife & Events

The nightlife of Inner Mongolia offers a variety of entertainment options. Live music venues, outdoor marketplaces, and nightclubs offer vibrant nightlife and cultural experiences. During the summer months, local festivals are held across the region with traditional music, dancing, and singing performances that guests can enjoy.

Adventure Sports

Experience the great outdoors of Inner Mongolia with some adrenaline-filled adventure sports. Whether it’s rafting on the Hulun Buir River, kayaking in the Barguzin Valley, or skydiving in Genghis Khan National Park, explore the wild side of Inner Mongolia with these thrilling activities.


Inner Mongolia offers a plethora of activities and experiences, from visits to Mongolian temples to exciting adventures in its wild nature reserves. With its vast, unspoiled landscapes, vibrant culture, and diverse wildlife, Inner Mongolia is the perfect destination for an immersive and unforgettable holiday.

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