Is It Safe To Travel To China December 2018

Safety and Security in China

When considering whether or not you should travel to China in December 2018, it is important to consider the safety and security conditions of the country. China is generally a safe place to visit with few cases of violent crime reported. The Chinese government has implemented robust security protocols and regulations, which help ensure visitors feel comfortable and safe while in the country.

The Chinese government is aware of the advantages and challenges associated with tourism. To ensure visitors are safe, they have increased police presence in public areas, strengthened rule of law, and improved the country’s security performance. Visitors should take standard precautions like never leaving valuable items unattended, not flashing cash in public, and not travelling alone at night.

The Chinese government takes the safety of its citizens and visitors very seriously and the country remains relatively safe for tourists. Around 60 million foreigners visited China in 2018, with very few security issues reported. Tourists should also keep in mind that there is a degree of censorship within the country. Security patrols might still ask for access to personal details or request to go through people’s electronic devices.

Chinese Culture & Customs

In December, the holiday season has begun and there is an even bigger emphasis on family gathering and reunions. There is a range festive delicacies and snacks you can sample at the markets and various festivities like temple fairs, parades, and carnivals.

As you explore the country and the holiday season, it is vital to be aware and respectful of the local customs and culture. While it can be tempting to interact with locals, doing so without the proper cultural context and etiquette can be very disrespectful. You should keep an open mind and be ready to embrace the different customs that you may encounter during your stay.

When travelling in China, be sure to use common courtesy and do your best to blend in. Dress modestly, be conscious of your body language, and always be polite and courteous. Take the time to learn a few local phrases and it can help with transportation, ordering food, and other daily tasks.

Travel Expirences

Travelling to China in December can be a rewarding experience. December is the perfect time to experience winter-time festivities, immerse yourself in culture, and explore some of the most beautiful destinations in China.

The country is still cool during the winter months, so dress accordingly. Wear layers, so you can easily adjust temperature levels. Consider bringing an umbrella just in case, as China is known to have a light rain almost year-round.

Take the time to appreciate the local museums or take a cruise on the Yangtze River. Spend a day exploring the Great Wall or make a stop in some of the eclectic shopping streets. Visit a traditional teahouse to learn about the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Visa Considerations

Be sure to check if you are eligible for a visa or require one for travelling to China. Depending on the purpose of your visit, Chinese authorities may require you to obtain a visa prior to your arrival. It is important to check the relevant visa requirements to save time at the border when entering the country.

If you are travelling for business purposes, those will require a different type of visa than those of tourists. You may also require an authorised Chinese guide for certain activities like media, mountain climbing, research, and more. Be sure to check the visa restrictions prior to your travels.

Long Distance Travel

Travelling from one city to another in China is fairly easy. There are many modes of transportation depending on your needs. Flying is the most efficient way to travel long distances, and the country has major airports in each major city.

High-speed railways provide an affordable way to get from main cities and can usually cover areas within a few hours. Standard bus travellers is easier to find and more affordable, but the journey will take longer. There is also the option of carpooling or hiring a private car to get to exploring more distant locations.


As an international destination, visitors of China can find a range of accommodations, from luxurious five-star hotels to hostels and guesthouses. Visiting during the holiday season you should consider reserving a room before your arrivals as hotels may be full due to the high number of visitors.

If you are travelling on a budget, you may consider renting a room from locals. There are a range of websites and apps that have listings for private rentals across the country.

Food and Dining

China is a paradise for foodies. With its vast and diverse culinary landscape, there is something for everyone. You can find many affordable options in the street markets or street food stands.

When it comes to finding authentic Chinese cuisine, a visit to a local market is the best way. Some of the most common dishes include noodle dishes, dumplings, and soups. Depending on the region you are visiting, you can try the local specialties.

December is the perfect month to sample some festive delicacies like soy-sauce fried dumplings and turnip cakes. There are countless of restaurants and cafes, ranging from world-famous chains to high-end restaurants.

Air Quality

When travelling to China in December, it is important to consider the air quality of the different cities you plan on visiting. Since China is a large and industrialised country, air quality can fluctuate due to pollution levels and other factors. Check the air quality index of the destinations you plan on visiting before you start your journey.

Be sure to also check the weather forecast. December marks the start of the winter months and temperatures range from 7 to -3 degrees Celsius. In the northern parts of the country, temperatures can drop to below zero, so dress accordingly when exploring the area.

It is wise to pack medicines and inhalers to help cope with the air in the cities which experience higher levels of air pollution. Allergy medication and air purifiers can come in handy too.

Technology & Communications

Most phone companies offer tourist-friendly sim cards for travelling to China. This is a great way to get connected in the country as it offers plenty of 4G and 3G data plans. Keep in mind that China requires an internet filter system locally known as “The Great Firewall” that will block the use of some services in social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and many others.

It is important to note that most credit cards issued by non-China banks can’t be used in the country, so bringing enough cash to cover your stay is essential.

When travelling to China, consider downloading some travel-related applications to help you navigate the country more easily. Apps, such as ‘the Subway’, are helpful when it comes to helping navigate the different cities.

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