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Jiangsu is an Eastern Chinese province located in the Yangtze River Delta region. As the cradle of Chinese civilization and culture, it also serves as one of the most popular travel destinations in China. Among its attractive sites are ancient towns, temples, rivers, lakes, and modern cities. Jiangsu’s tourism infrastructure and facilities are well-developed and the province is served by an excellent public transit system. Its roads, airports, railway and water transport provide easy and convenient access.

As one of China’s most thriving regions, Jiangsu has been named one of the richest provinces in China. Home to a flourishing economy, it is home to some of the most vibrant cities and tourist sites in China. The capital, Nanjing is the main attraction for many tourists, as it is home to numerous temples, historic sites, museums, parks and gardens. Other popular cities in the province include Suzhou, Wuxi, Yangzhou and Xuzhou.

Jiangsu offers a number of cultural experiences for visitors. Particularly worth mentioning is Suzhou’s Grand Canal, the longest canal in the world, which is known for its traditional gardens, silk factories and stunning landscapes. The city also serves as the gateway to China’s famous water village, Zhouzhuang. Other attractions in Jiangsu include Huanglong Cave, a national 4A-level scenic spot, Lingyan Hill, a stunning Buddhist temple complex, and the Shengtangyu Wetland Nature Reserve.

For visitors from overseas, there are a number of travel companies in Melbourne that offer great tourism packages and services for those interested in exploring Jiangsu. These companies can arrange guided tours, hotel and airline reservations, guided or self-guided trips, and more. They can help visitors identify the right attractions and sites according to their interests, arrange affordable group and individual transportation, and provide various types of travel insurance.

When booking a trip to Jiangsu, both budget travelers and luxury travelers have plenty of options. Visitors should keep a few factors in mind, such as seasonality, budget and accommodation options. Depending on the season, certain attractions may be more crowded or less crowded. Also, travelers should also research the availability of transportation and lodging options.

In general, Jiangsu is an excellent destination for domestic and international travelers alike. Its unique cultural and natural heritage, together with its excellent tourism infrastructure make it a great place to visit. The province offers a variety of tourist attractions and experiences that make it an unforgettable trip. Melbourne-based travel companies can help travelers identify the most suitable destinations and activities, arrange affordable flights and accommodation, and offer travel insurance.

With its rich cultural and natural heritage, Jiangsu is a great destination for those looking for a memorable experience in China. There are so many exciting things to do for international travelers visiting Jiangsu through one of the Melbourne-based travel services. From its famous historic and cultural sites to its diverse ecotourism sites, Jiangsu has it all.

Jiangsu Cuisine

To truly experience Jiangsu, you must explore its local cuisine. The famous Yangzhou fried rice originating from Jiangsu is a must-taste dish for visitors to the province. Along with its unique flavours, Yangzhou fried rice is also known for its sharing culture. Put simply, everyone around the table gets to share and enjoy a plate of Yangzhou fried rice together. Other must-try dishes include the spicy fish head soup and Jiuqu Coloquent.

Jiangsu Cuisine is greatly influenced by the culture of south China. This means that general characteristics of cuisine in this province include a focus on preserving the original flavour, a preference for using fresh ingredients, and using sauces and condiments sparingly. Fruits and vegetables are widely used and stewed dishes with a thick gravy are highly favoured. Rice is the staple food consumed in Jiangsu, and there are many types of local specialties to enjoy.

There are some must-visit restaurants for visitors to sample the best local fare in Jiangsu. In the capital city of Nanjing, try the Mingren Wanzheng noodle shop. For a delicious dinner, the renowned Luyuan Garden Restaurant is a great choice, offering some of the most exquisite local dishes.

In Suzhou, the Jiangnan Yu Li restaurant is known for its succulent dishes with fish and seafood. For a meal featuring traditional Nanjing delights, the classic Liu Fang Yuan restaurant is an undisputed must-visit. Lastly, for the best of Wuxi’s signature dishes, the Louwailou restaurant is a must-visit destination for food lovers.

Activities in Jiangsu

Jiangsu offers plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained. The province hosts an exciting yearly calendar of festivals, including the traditional Dragon Boat Festival, China’s Lantern Festival, and the Nanjing International Flower Festival. The light and music show in Huishan Village is an incredible cultural experience that shouldn’t be missed.

There are many recreational activities available for visitors in Jiangsu, including sightseeing, recreational water sports and leisure activities. Many of the larger cities such as Suzhou offer spectacular views of the Yangtze River, stunning gardens and historical remnants. The modern metropolis of Nanjing has some of the best shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment venues in the province.

The great outdoors can also be explored in a number of ways. Karst hills, caves and waterfalls make for beautiful hiking trails. Lakes, rivers and seawater can be enjoyed with swimming, fishing, rafting and rowing. Exploring the rich countryside of rural towns and villages provide amazing sights of flower fields and farms connected by ancient cobbled paths.

Visitors may also take part in various activities organized by local tourism companies. These activities are aimed at giving visitors prime experiences of local culture and traditions. From silk-making classes to traditional medicine and music lessons, there are many possibilities with local service providers and advisors.

Accommodation and Transport

For conveniently located and comfortable accommodation, various hotels, guesthouses and hostels are available in major cities throughout Jiangsu. Prices and service levels vary from budget-friendly to luxury hotel chains, so visitors can choose to stay according to their preferences. The excellent public transit system in Jiangsu also allows travelers to easily access any tourist destinations and attractions in the province.

The province is served by a comprehensive public transport system, including railway, buses, metro, taxis and ferries. Additionally, travelers may also rent a car. As one of the most developed regions in China, Jiangsu’s roads are modern and relatively low-traffic, leading to a stress-free and safe driving experience. Additionally, visitors should also be aware of the vast variety of bike-sharing services available in major cities.

From international trains to domestic flights, there are several options for travelers to reach Jiangsu. Domestic flights serve major cities in nearby provinces such as Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou. There are also international flights from Australia serving major cities in Jiangsu, such as Nanjing and Suzhou. These flights are usually operated by Australia’s major airlines, including Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar.

Melbourne-based travel services can also arrange customized and comfortable transfer services for travelers to and from Jiangsu. These companies typically offer pick-up and drop-off services from main airports to various cities in the province, such as Nanjing and Suzhou. Accordingly, they can also help travelers to save their time and energy by avoiding the inconvenience of queuing for tickets or ride-share services.

COVID-19 Precautions

Travelers to Jiangsu must be aware of the current COVID-19 situation. All foreign travelers must present a negative certificate for a COVID-19 nucleic acid test that has been taken within the past 72 hours prior to departure. Upon arrival, travelers must also undergo a health examination.

In all areas of Jiangsu, travelers must wear face masks and practice social distancing measures. Hand sanitiser and temperature checks are required at all public spaces and transportation nodes, such as airports and railway stations. Additionally, travelers should also maintain a heightened awareness of personal hygiene and follow all local government regulations regarding the use of shared facilities.

Travelers must also familiarise themselves with the local COVID-19 policies in Jiangsu. For instance, the province requires isolation for travelers from overseas upon arrival. Therefore, travelers must be prepared with supplies and any necessary medicine or devices that may be required. Furthermore, travelers should also keep track of the latest official updates and policies in the province.

Travelers should also be aware of the availability of medical care in Jiangsu. Hospitals and clinics across the province offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment services for COVID-19 patients. Moreover, most international travelers in the province can also purchase travel insurance plans from insurance companies in advance. This is to ensure that they are protected and covered, should the need arise.

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