Laurus Travel China Tours Reviews

China’s Unexplored Diversity

As the fourth largest country in the world, China boasts an astonishingly diverse landscape and traditions. From the lush jungles of Yunnan to the majestic splendour of the Tibetan Plateau, this great nation offers the big-picture traveler an unforgettable experience of natural beauty. Thousands of years of culture mix to form an intriguing patchwork of cultures, faiths and customs.

Moreover, with its incredible forces of geography, history and culture, China is a land of adventure and discovery. Tours to China offer travelers an exciting and unexpected journey. An exciting way to explore China is through Laurus Travel China Tours. These multi-day trips offer travelers an in-depth view of the country’s multifaceted culture.

Laurus Travel China Tours Reviews

Over the years, Laurus Travel has gained a reputation for bringing travelers to some of the best-hidden gems of China. With their multi-day tours, travelers can explore ancient cities, iconic sites, and interesting local environments throughout China. Travelers can opt for tailor-made trips, private tours as well as group tours of any destination in the country.

Reviews of Laurus Travel China Tours are highly positive across the board. Travelers praise how well organized the trips are, the amazing local guides they provide, the cozy accommodation options, and the opportunity to experience an authentic taste of China. What’s more, travelers also appreciate Laurus Travel’s commitment to responsible tourism, which they say respects local cultures and helps preserve the environment.

Many travelers also remark on the flexibility of Laurus Travel’s trip planning. The travel agency takes the time to understand the traveler’s interests and creates custom itineraries tailored to their specific needs. This is an advantage that many travel companies lack and it is certainly appreciated by those who have used Laurus Travel services.

Those who are planning to visit China should definitely take a look at Laurus Travel China Tours. From honest advice to top-notch tour guides, you can be sure that these trips will help you make the most of your time in China.

Discover Eye-opening Scenes

Laurus Travel focuses on creating trips that carve a path through some of the country’s most stunning natural sights, taking travelers on a journey to discover new sights and experiences they may not have known existed. On the guided tours they book with them, travelers can explore the vast forests and mountains of the southwestern province of Yunnan, discover unprecedented stretches of desert in the Northwest, or even step back to ancient times in the alleys of Pingyao.

Travelers can also step outside the beaten path, journeying through different cities, cultures, and climates. Travelers can traverse the Yunnan Stone Forest with a local tribesman, explore the caves of Guilin, take a leisurely walking tour in Suzhou, and let their guide show them the unique craftsmanship of a nearby village. Through Laurus Travel, travelers can discover an entire new world in the Middle Kingdom.

Adventure Tours for All Experiences

Laurus Travel caters to travelers of every level. From experienced travelers searching for an adventure off the beaten path to first-time travelers planning their first taste of China, they have the perfect trip for each type of traveler. Their tours are suitable for people of all fitness levels and tastes, ranging from leisurely sightseeing to more active tours that involve camping, trekking, biking etc.

The adventure and tour packages offered by Laurus Travel take care of the entire experience, from the first moment to the last. They offer package deals that include tailored sightseeing, delicious meals, guiding services, accommodation and fantastic experiences that will take travelers to the heart of China.

Low-Impact Tourism

Finally, it is important to note that the company takes environmental and cultural preservation seriously. Laurus Travel is proud to use local guides, support local businesses, and use sustainable tourism practices. They are committed to ensuring that the sites they visit are protected and that the communities they visit benefit from the tour’s presence. Those who are looking to travel responsibly, at the same time as having a conveniently organized and relaxing adventure, should consider opting for Laurus Travel China Tours.

Epic Natural Wonders

A Laurus Travel China Tour can reveal the most spectacular and serene natural wonders in the vastness of China. Tourists can experience terraced hills of rice paddies, explore eroded canyons and gorges, and witness the widespread beauty of the plateau scene. Tourists can explore the hidden holy mountains of Qinghai or find tranquility in the terraced fields of Longji and Yubeng.

The gigantic walls of Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, the sapphire waters of Jiuzhaigou and perhaps the biggest waterfall in the world at Huangguoshu – these are just some of the awe-inspiring wonders that Laurus Travel China Tours allows tourists to witness.

Awe-Inspiring Architecture

Journeying through old towns, modern developments, and ancient cities, tourists can marvel the fascinating marvels of architecture and scenery as part of the tours. From the Great Wall of China to the vast city of Beijing, the natural beauty of the nation combined with awe-inspiring creation of technology and art are captivating and often breathtaking.

The gorgeous towers of Lion’s roars in Luoyang, the alluring pagodas of Miyun, the mysterious valley of Pingyao and the surreal fort of Jiayuguan – these and many other architectural feats are available for exploration as part of Laurus Travel China Tours.

Authentic Experiences

In addition to witnessing the beauty of new scenes, travelers can also explore the culture and experience the true essence of China with a trip that Laurus Travel offers. From local dishes to experiencing everyday life of ordinary Chinese citizens, travelers can taste, feel, smell, and see the culture through discovering the many faces of the country.

It doesn’t matter if tourists are wandering in Nanjing with a piece of antiques, bargaining for clothes in Shanghai’s vibrant markets, or visiting a religious site of Tibet – Laurus Travel China Tours ensures that tourists have a plentiful of first-hand experiences throughout their journey.

A Tradition of Hospitality

Chinese hospitality is unrivaled and welcoming. Tourists visiting different areas of the country will find a vibrant and hospitable atmosphere regardless of the area. From the markets in Shanghai to the seaside village in Hainan, there is something interesting and unique around every corner.

It is important to note that tours with Laurus Travel offer more than just a journey. They offer the chance to truly explore, understand, and experience the culture and the people. They offer the chance to make friends, learn stories, and reinforce the China Travel principle of “tourism to share the culture and gain mutual understanding”.

Smooth Travel, Rewarding Experiences

Partnering with Laurus Travel for their trip to China will be sure to guarantee travelers the best of sightseeing experiences and travel convenience. Their friendly and hardworking staff will ensure that travelers have everything they need, form the best restaurants and attractions in every city to incredible natural scenes.

Moreover, Laurus Travel offers an amazing opportunity for travelers to discover hidden gems and get off the beaten track. Travelers visiting China can explore traditional villages and remote, undiscovered areas, all while ensconced in the comfort of spacious accommodation, outstanding customer service and consistent safety standards.

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