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China is home to a number of destinations that are a class apart, providing travelers a chance to witness the luxuries of the country up and close. Luxury outbound travel in China has often been a popular choice for luxury travelers seeking relaxation from the hustle and bustle of urban life. From experiencing the stunning beauty of the Great Wall to indulging in the vibrant nightlife in Shanghai, there is plenty to explore through luxury outbound travel in China.

A survey carried by the China Tourism Academy shows that at present, more than half of the outbound tourists in China are those born after the 1980s, and they have a high propensity for luxury outbound travel. It is further suggested that the numbers of luxury travelers in the country are set to increase as more and more Chinese citizens indulge in outbound travel. In 2019, a total of 142 million outbound departures were recorded in the nation, and the numbers are expected to reach 168 million in 2020.

The Chinese outbound luxury travel market has witnessed tremendous growth in the past decade. Chinese high-end tourists travel usually in groups and they tend to spend more on luxury items. They prefer quality, goods from top brands, and they are looking for unique experiences in exotic destinations. Thus, the travel and tourism industry has embraced the need for luxury outbound travel experiences and have been investing heavily in high-end tourism products and services.

Speaking to a few travel connoisseurs from the industry, the experts suggest that safety and comfort are the primary requirements for luxury outbound travelers from China. Furthermore, they state that local attractions and cultural experiences of host countries are important considerations that tourists’ consider while making their luxury outbound travel itinerary. Additionally, the experts comment that there has been an increasing demand for private and customized trips in the luxury outbound travel market, as these are said to provide the ultimate luxury experiences for travelers.

For luxury travelers from China, there is the widest array of choices available for exploring the nation of traveler’s choice. Luxury cruises, private charters, and luxury villas are amongst the popular choices that a traveler can find in the luxury outbound travel market. Furthermore, as well as being used for leisure and vacation purposes, a number of luxury travelers from China also travel for business and medical purposes, such as to attend business meetings and conferences, or receive specialized medical treatment.

It is evident that the luxury outbound travel market in China is flourishing, and is prone to become bigger in the near future. As mentioned above, Chinese outbound tourists usually travel in groups, which provides a major avenue for travel agents and tour operators who wish to tap into the vast market potential. Through proper guidance and planning of tailor-made luxury trips for travelers, the industry can continue to make mark in the global market, providing more recreation and leisure activities for outbound luxury travelers.

Unique Experiences

One of the main factors that drives luxury outbound travel in the Chinese market is the search for unique experiences such as cultural activities in host countries. In such cases, luxury travelers from China prefer to go beyond simply visiting popular tourist destinations and indulge in the culture and deeper experiences of the places they are visiting, often through activities such as cooking classes, agriculture visits, and walk and talk tours.

These experiences can help luxury travelers from China experience the culture and lifestyle of the place, allowing them to expand their global and cultural view through traditional activities that are exclusive to the host nation. This way, the luxury travelers feel more confident about their overseas tour, allowing them to have a richer travel experience.

Furthermore, experts in the travel industry suggest that luxury outbound travelers from china are now demanding more diverse experiences intended to enhance their understanding and appreciation of other cultures. For example, they are reserving spots for educational courses, seminars, workshops, and events related to topics related to prospects of international collaboration and global exchange.

These experiences can help luxury travelers gain a more comprehensive view of the world and country of their visit and enable them to establish connections with people from other countries. Thus, luxury outbound travel in the Chinese market is now focusing on providing unique and innovative experiences for luxury travelers from all across the nation.

Luxury Shopping

Luxury outbound travelers from China have often been known to bring home souvenirs and gifts from their overseas trips, and with more luxury outbound travelers in China as compared to before, shopping for luxury goods in overseas destinations has become a popular activity among Chinese luxury travelers. Apart from purchasing branded items from retailers, luxury goods are also bought directly from host destinations when shopping for luxury items.

For example, a large portion of luxury outbound travelers from China prefer to buy items like fine artworks, gems, and artifacts as souvenirs. This way, the luxury travelers not only get access to exotic items that are exclusive to the host destination, but also can often provide them with a better shopping experience.

Besides purchasing souvenirs to take back home, luxury travelers also tend to purchase luxurious items such as luxury watches, jewelry, and branded outfits. These items are often purchased from local retailers and online luxury stores in order to provide the travelers with high-end products at more reasonable prices.

From leather bags to fine artworks and artifacts, there is a wide variety of products for luxury outbound travelers from China to explore and purchase from across the world. Therefore, the shopping experience has become an integral part of people’s luxury travel experience, further contributing to the growing outbound market in the nation.

Luxury Accommodation

When looking for accommodation as part of their luxury outbound travel experience, Chinese travelers usually prefer five-star and other luxury hotels, which offer various amenities and services such as concierge services, limousine services, spa treatments, and complimentary drinks and snacks. Such hotels often come with luxurious suites and bedrooms, which offer the best comfort and convenience of any accommodation option.

Apart from luxury hotels, luxury travelers from China are now also looking for alternatives to traditional accommodations, such as boutique hotels, private villas, and even hostels and inns. These options offer a more authentic experience to travelers, allowing them to live like locals in a foreign destination. Moreover, some of these accommodations are located in quieter locations, thus, allowing luxury travelers to have a serene experience of the host nation.

Another accommodation option that is becoming increasingly popular among luxury travelers from China is Airbnb. This site helps luxury travelers find unique locations for their stay, be that resorts, villas, or any other property. This way, the luxury travelers can also customize their stay and make the most out of their luxury outbound trips.

Thus, from Concierge services to Airbnb, luxury outbound travelers from China have a vast array of options to choose from, when looking for the best accommodation for their luxury outbound trips.

Security and Comfort

Besides unique experiences, shopping, and luxury accommodations, Chinese luxury outbound travelers also prioritize security and comfort when opting for a travel destination. For instance, the travelers prefer to stay away from destinations which have frequent political tensions. Furthermore, they prefer to book trips and tickets in advance, to ensure comfortable travels.

To provide extra security for luxury outbound travelers, travel agents and tour operators also provide insurance policies and other comprehensive services, which include medical and legal assistance in case of any unforeseen circumstance that might arise when abroad.

Also, to ensure an even more comfortable travel experience, especially when it comes to longer international trips, luxury travelers from china often hire private jets. This way, they are able to travel at their own convenience and enjoy a high level of luxury in the process.

In conclusion, with security and convenience being essential for luxury outbound travelers, they are often more willing to spend on these facilities, when travelling abroad. Thus, providing a secure and convenient environment to its travelers is a key requirement to drive the luxury travel industry in China.

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