Opportunity China In Partnership With Sta Travel

Background Information

Opportunity China-in partnership with STA Travel is a Chinese program offering students and graduates from the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands the opportunity to gain meaningful, international work and travel experiences in China. The program is designed to build on the knowledge acquired at higher education institutions while interacting with the local Chinese culture. By working with local businesses as well as entrepreneurs and mentoring students, the program is helping to build bridges between the West and East and forge a more connected world.

Relevant Data

Since launch, Opportunity China has placed over 2,000 interns from the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands in jobs across various industries in China, with the program expecting to increase intern placements over the coming years. Industries covered by the program range from finance and manufacturing through to teaching and tourism, and nearly 1,000 of the students have received full-time, entry-level positions after completing their internships.

Perspectives from Experts

Opportunity China is contributing to the development of a better-connected world, and STA Travel’s Managing Director, Mark Halls, highlighted how this is transforming lives around the world. He said that “This is more than just a program to work or travel in China for a few weeks. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain international work and travel experience that is unparalleled in its quality, in its cultural exchange, and in its marketplace connections.”
Morris Zhang, CEO of Shanghai-based LAAR Education, which delivers customized education services to foreign providers added, “Opportunity China has enabled us to bridge the gap between the West and East and make a real impact on the world economy. Chinese companies are looking for foreign interns to help them access the international market and build their brand abroad.”

Analysis and Insights

Opportunity China provides real value for students, graduates and businesses alike. The program is a win-win opportunity for everyone involved, allowing students and graduates to get valuable international work experience and build bridges with the East, while Chinese companies benefit from the soft skills and cultural understanding that foreign interns bring to their business. The program is making a real impact on the world economy, connecting the East and the West and enabling both to become more integrated and engaged with each other.

Educating and Engaging the Reader

The Opportunity China program offers students and graduates an opportunity to get valuable international work experience that is unparalleled in its quality. Through the program, interns are able to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture, engage with local businesses, and make personal connections, such as through networking events, mentoring sessions and language classes. By participating in the program, interns are able to expand their horizons and gain invaluable international work experience.
The program also offers a range of activities and opportunities outside of the workplace, such as language classes and cultural trips. These activities are tailored to the interests of the interns, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the culture while simultaneously engaging in exciting activities alongside peers.

Access to Resources

Opportunity China partners with local organizations and businesses to provide interns with the most comprehensive and immersive experience possible. Partner companies offer interns access to resources such as special industry presentations, providing them with a better understanding of the business landscape in China and the opportunities available.
The program also offers offline activities, such as galas, festivals and professional conferences, allowing interns to network and connect with key figures in their field. By taking part in such activities, interns are able to build their personal networks and gain valuable insights into the Chinese market.

Development of Soft Skills

The Opportunity China program enables interns to develop various soft skills, such as communication, interpersonal and negotiation. These skills are critical in the Chinese job market as they allow for effective communication and coordination between parties.
The program also provides professional development, giving interns the opportunity to learn about the latest business trends and to receive the support and guidance needed to succeed in their field. Interns are supported through online tutorials, mentoring sessions, and regular feedback from the local team.

Contribution to the Local Community

The Opportunity China program allows interns to gain valuable insight into the local community by engaging with local organizations and businesses. Interns are able to make connections with potential partners, suppliers, mentors and investors, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the local economy and to make invaluable local contacts.
The program also encourages interns to give back to the local community, by volunteering their time and skills for social projects. Through this, interns are able to make a positive impact on local lives while simultaneously developing their own skills.

Improving International Awareness

Opportunity China seeks to foster international awareness and understanding amongst interns and local businesses alike. The program encourages interns to approach their experiences with a global outlook and to gain an understanding of how their own cultures differ from those of Chinese businesses.
The program also helps to bridge the gap between the West and East, allowing local businesses to become more familiar with international practices, gain access to new resources, and build long-term relationships with foreign firms.

Developing Cross-Cultural Communication

One of the key benefits of the Opportunity China program is the development of cross-cultural communication skills. Interns are able to learn from different perspectives and develop their ability to bridge the gap between different cultures.
The program also provides cross-cultural mentorship, in which experienced professionals share their knowledge and cultural insights with interns, allowing for a more effective exchange of ideas. This helps to develop the communication skills of both the mentor and mentee, while strengthening the relationships between them.

Career Prospects

Opportunity China also helps interns to build a strong foundation for their future careers. Through the program, interns are able to become part of the Chinese job market and gain valuable industry experience.
The program allows interns to gain access to the latest opportunities in their field, providing them with the resources and support needed to develop their professional profiles. This enables them to gain long-term career prospects in China, as well as in their home countries.

Promoting a Global Outlook

The Opportunity China program also encourages interns to think globally and gain a better understanding of the international job market. By engaging with businesses on a global level, they are able to develop their skills in marketing, communications and finance.
Through the program, interns are also able to gain the knowledge and resources to pursue an international career, such as those in the tech or finance sectors. This provides them with the opportunity to develop their professional network and to contribute to the global economy.

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