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Background Information

Traveling to China requires travelers to obtain a valid Chinese visa. Recently, talks about travelling smoothly to China started to become more popular in online forums such as Reddit. Chinese visas are usually obtained through the country’s embassies or consulates which sometimes requires a lengthy take-out-form filling process. As such, it is difficult for travellers to obtain such visas without help or sufficient knowledge about the requirements beforehand.

Travel Requirements

Before planning for a trip to China, there are various requirements which travellers need to consider. The first thing travellers need to make sure is to apply for the proper visa type as different visas have different lengths of validity and purpose. These visas include Tourist, Business, Work, Student, and Family Visas.
The next step that travellers need to take is to gather and submit all required supporting documents such as the original and photocopies of passports, recent passport-sized photographs, and an application form. It is highly suggested to double check that all submissions fulfill the requirements before submitting the documents as incomplete forms will be rejected.

Cost and Duration

The processing fee and duration of the visa typically vary with different consulate offices. For instance, some consulates may request for express visa processing which requires higher fees than standard visa processing. Besides, some countries may not require visas and travellers need to check which countries before traveling to China.

Reddit Travel China Visa

Recently, it is becoming more common for travellers to search for help online through platforms such as Reddit to get more detailed information about travelling to China. The Reddit Travel China Visa community allows travellers to connect and share experiences, stories, tips, and advice about traveling to China.
Besides, travellers are able to search for solutions to common problems or clarify their doubts by contacting the Reddit Travel China Visa moderator. With a wide range of discussion forums and friendly moderators, this page provides a virtual platform to many travellers to easily obtain help or information related to their trips to China.


Apart from Reddit, there are also alternative websites and forums which travellers can use to get help. These websites include TripAdvisor China, China Visa Service, and China Mike. These websites are specifically designed for travellers with providing information related to visa applications, helping to plan itineraries for travel and ultimately provide the best travelling experience to China at an affordable price.

Necessary Adaptations

Travellers to China need to act accordingly in order to ensure pleasant and safe trips. What is known as ‘cultural intelligence’ is highly necessary to inspire and influence the people living in Chinese culture.
The Chinese culture has traditions and customs which are unique to their society. Travelers need to ensure understanding and respect for such cultural differences as any form of disrespect can be culturally offensive. Additionally, adaptations such as learning simple phrases in Chinese or electronic payment cards are recommended to facilitate movement in unknown cities.

Expert Opinion

Creating lasting relationships is essential for a pleasant and safe travel experience in China. As such, the opinion from experts in the field is advised. China specialist, Elise Hooper, recommends travellers to ‘always carry a printed copy of the address you are visiting’ as it would be difficult to explain your destination in Chinese due to language barriers. By depending on locals more frequently, travellers are able to connect with local culture and enjoy their trips.

Health Considerations

According to the International SOS, it is crucial for travellers to take up precautionary health measures before and during the trip. Ideas such as avoiding eating raw seafood, refraining from risky outdoor activities and bringing over-the-counter medications- relievers such as painkillers are essential for healthy travel.
In the event of an emergency arising during the trip, travellers are advised to call the emergency services at 119, with the help of a Chinese person who is present. Additionally, the International SOS can be contacted in case of health-related assistance such as medical treatment or evacuation.

Preparing for Documentation

It is necessary to prepare for the application process of a Chinese visa before the trip. This includes sorting out personal documents such as a valid passport and supporting documents, such as visa applications and fees.
Information which are required to be filled in the visa form include personal contact details, purpose of visit, travel dates and flight details. Since the processing duration varies depending on different visa centers and requirements, travellers are encouraged to submit their documents at least two weeks before the date of departure.

Renewal and Extension

Travellers who are interested in renewing or extending their visa are encouraged to contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate prior to the expiry date of the visa as it usually can be renewed or extended.
However, this procedure requires travellers to go through strict screening and provide sufficient proof with documentation that the extension process is necessary. Documents such as a medical certificate or original proof of a meeting may be requested in order to process the visa renewal or extension.

Managing Finances

Travellers may not be able to complete their trip smoothly without taking up proper precautions with financial management. It is advised that travellers secure extra cash and travellers checks in case of emergency expenses.
While there are foreign ATM’s available in various cities in China, it is usually charged with a processing fee. As such, travelling cards such as Alipay, WeChat and Unionpay are recommended as it would contribute to a smooth travel experience with minimal risk of financial fraud.

Knowing the Local Cities

Some of the most popular cities to visit in China include Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an and Hangzhou. As cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are highly populated, travellers should be prepared with a list of must-see attractions as well as be aware of the local customs before embarking on an exploratory journey.
Additionally, during public holidays, transportation and accommodation are usually limited and often difficult to obtain. As such, it is suggested to book flights and train tickets in advance to avoid overcrowded areas.

Additional Knowledge

It is advised for travellers to understand their destination better before their visit, to ensure a pleasant trip. Doing research about the local cuisines, festivals and even the art of bargaining when shopping is encouraged to ensure that travellers get the most out of their travel.
In order to familiarize with the local culture, visitors can attend cultural events, watch local films, visit popular sites and even read up history books. All these can help build a better understanding of the local culture as well as help the travellers to connect more with the local people.

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