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Background Information on China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines is one of the "big three" airlines in mainland China. It is also the world’s fourth-largest airline based on fleet size. The airline flies to over 200 destinations in 60 countries, including major cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. It also offers direct international flights to important cities such as London, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo.

The airline was established in 1988, and is part of the SkyTeam alliance, which includes renowned airlines like KLM, Air France, Delta and AeroMexico. China Southern Airlines boasts modern aircraft fleets, excellent service, and a wide array of in-flight amenities. The airline offers both domestic and international flights including economy class, business class, and first class.

Pros of Travelling In China Southern Airlines

Travelling in China Southern Airlines is an attractive choice for travelers, as the airline offers great in-flight services, a variety of frequent flyer benefits, and competitive airfares. Some of the pros of travelling with the China Southern Airlines are listed below:

  • China Southern Airlines is a full-service carrier, and provides excellent in-flight amenities such as comfortable seating, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, complimentary snacks and drinks, and an attentive crew.
  • The airline offers competitive airfares and packages to its customers, and has regularly-scheduled flights to most popular tourist destinations in China and abroad.
  • You can easily use the airline’s mobile app to make reservations, check-in online and avail great deals.
  • China Southern Airlines is a part of the Skyteam alliance, which allows customers to quickly book connecting flights to and from SkyTeam alliance partners, and enjoy lots of frequent flyer benefits.

Cons of Travelling In China Southern Airlines

Despite the advantages, there are a few disadvantages to travelling with the China Southern Airlines. These would include:

  • Travellers need to have a personal Chinese ID to book tickets in China Southern Airlines.
  • The airline does not currently offer flights to as many international destinations as some of its competitors.
  • The airline does not provide free checked baggage allowance for all domestic flights.
  • Though in-flight entertainment options are usually good on China Southern Airlines, it varies depending on the type of aircraft.

Perspectives from Experts

Most experts agree that China Southern Airlines is a great option for travelers who want to explore the incredible diverse culture and scenery of China. Mark Spelor, an editor for International Traveller Magazine, commented that “China Southern Airlines is a great carrier to travel within Asia, and their in-flight services, frequent flyer benefits, and competitive fares make it an even better deal”. He went on to say that “If you’re looking for the best-value experience while travelling around China, then China Southern Airlines is the way to go”.

Rohan Singh, a travel blogger, commented that “China Southern Airlines offers a great way to experience the best of China, and some great international destinations too”. He believes that the airline’s extensive domestic network and variety of packages make it a great value for money option.

Insights and Analysis

When it comes to travelling within the Asian continent, or to international destinations, China Southern Airlines is a great option for travellers. The airline offers competitive airfares and packages, modern fleets, and excellent in-flight amenities. In addition, with more and more passengers opting to use alternative means of transportation such as trains and buses, airline travel has become even more affordable in China, making China Southern Airlines a more attractive choice for those looking to have a comfortable journey.

However, travellers should keep in mind that China Southern Airlines does not offer free checked baggage allowance for all domestic flights, and those travelling internationally may need to have a valid Chinese ID. Additionally, the airline does not fly to as many international destinations as some of its competitors, so travellers should check the available destinations in advance.

Alternatives to Flying in China

Travellers who choose not to fly with China Southern Airlines may opt for other transportation options such as bus, train, or car. While travelling by car can be convenient and cost-effective, especially for smaller distances, it is important to consider road conditions, traffic congestion, and possible delays.

Travelling by bus is also an affordable option, and the vast network of buses in China makes it a practical choice for travellers looking to explore the country. Bus routes are generally well-maintained and the fares are usually cheaper than their aviation counterparts. To reach remote spots, the high speed rail network in China is a great option for travellers looking for a combination of speed and comfort.

Factors to Consider Before Travelling

Travellers looking to fly in China Southern Airlines need to consider several factors before making a decision. Firstly, the traveller must check their passport and visa validity, as well as their eligibility for entry into the destination countries. Secondly, travellers must check whether the airline provides flights to their desired destination. Thirdly, travellers need to ensure that their baggage allowance and other travel requirements are in line with the airline’s regulations.

Lastly, the traveller needs to research the reputability of China Southern Airlines in relation to other airlines. This can be done by looking at customer reviews, ratings, and other online sources. With this information in hand, travellers can then make an informed decision about their travel plans.

Options for Booking Flights

One of the best ways to book flights in China Southern Airlines is through the airline’s official website, which offers attractive discounts and deals for both domestic and international flights. Alternatively, travellers can also book tickets through the airline’s mobile app, or through the websites of major travel portals and booking agents such as Expedia and TripAdvisor. However, when booking through third-party websites, travellers must ensure that they are dealing with a reliable source.

Travellers should also consider signing up for China Southern Airlines’ frequent flyer program, which offers great rewards and benefits including free flights and additional baggage allowances. With the frequent flyer program, travellers can gain access to exclusive offers for China Southern Airlines’ flights.


China Southern Airlines is a great option for travellers looking to explore the diverse country of China, and the airline offers competitive airfares and packages, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and attentive crew. In addition, the airline is part of the SkyTeam alliance, which offers customers access to a larger network of destinations and flight routes. Travellers looking to enjoy the best of China should definitely consider travelling in China Southern Airlines.

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