Travel To China From Indonesia

Overview Of Immigration Requirements

Travelers who wish to visit China from Indonesia should familiarize themselves with all of the required documents, paperwork, and procedures that must be completed before the journey. This includes obtaining a valid passport, visa, and any other necessary inoculations or tests as required by immigration authorities. In many cases, a non-scheduled flight must be booked from Indonesia to your chosen destination in China up to 30 days in advance.

Mode of Transport

Travelers from Indonesia can travel to China by air, but there are also options to take the train or take a passenger ship. Tickets should be booked in advance due to the high demand for transportation from Indonesia to China. Most travelers opt for a direct flight, although there are several options to fly via other cities as well.

Tips For Better Travel Experience

When traveling from Indonesia to China, always keep personal documentation in a safe place. Additionally, foreigners should look for the most affordable and comfortable options, such as staying near public transportation. It is also advisable to learn about China’s culture beforehand so that travelers can adjust to their new surroundings.

Another important aspect to consider is to remain aware of any possible health risks. It is essential to practice proper hygiene measures, such as frequent hand-washing, and to stay hydrated while exploring China. Lastly, always research the weather before attempting to travel, as windy and rainy conditions can occur throughout the year.

Duration of Stay

Depending on the purpose of visit, travelers may be granted a visa for a single entry, double entry, or multiple entry. The validity period of a visa will depend on its type and for how long travelers are intending to stay in China. The duration of a single or double entry visa is typically between six and three months, while the validity of multiple entry visas can be up to one year.

Tourist Destinations in China

China is one of the most intriguing places on the planet and it is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination. It is home to some of the world’s oldest cultural relics, historic monuments, and architectural sites. The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City in Beijing, Terracotta Army in Xi’an, and Six Harmonies Pagoda in Hangzhou are some of the main attractions in China.

Travel Insurance

It is always recommended to get travel insurance before traveling abroad. Travel insurance can be useful in cases where there is an accident, sudden illness, lost luggage, or other unexpected incidents. It can help to cover the cost of medical treatments, hospital stays, as well as the replacement of lost items.

Advice on Local Customs

China has its own unique customs and traditions. It is expected that visitors do their best to be respectful and polite while in the country. It is highly recommended to research more about local customs in China before visiting, in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Additionally, carrying one’s passport at all times is a good precaution.

Drinking and Smoking in China

Drinking and smoking are prevalent in China, but there are certain rules to follow. Public drunkenness is not tolerated and it is considered disrespectful to be loud and noisy, especially in restaurants. Also, smoking in public places is against the law and those found doing so will most likely be fined.

Types of Food

Chinese cuisine is incredibly diverse and varies from region to region. For example, Sichuan cuisine is known for its fiery spices and strong flavors, while Cantonese cuisine is celebrated for its use of fresh seafood. Travelers should try their best to taste the distinct flavors of Chinese cuisine during their stay.

Language Barrier

While Mandarin is the official language of China, many locals, especially in the cities, can often communicate in English. However, it is still recommend that travelers learn a few key phrases in Mandarin before embarking on the journey, as it will greatly improve communication with the locals.

Card Payments and Currency Exchange

Throughout most of China, credit cards and debit cards are widely accepted, with the exception of some more rural areas. However, it is always advisable to double check before making any purchases. Foreigners should also exchange their currency into the local currency, Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY). Exchange rates can vary from one financial institution to another.

Tour Operators

China’s vast landscape and unique culture can be daunting for travelers from Indonesia. In this case, it may be helpful to consider booking a guided tour. Professional tour operators can provide assistance in navigating through the country, as well as insights into various local customs.

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