Travel To China In December

China is an incredible travel destination in December as its winter season creates a perfect time to explore the culture, food, rich historical sites, and interesting people. Located in the East of Asia, China has a temperate climate that has lower temperatures varying by region. Northern cities, like Beijing, are quite cold and experience snowfall while the Central and South China are milder.

Traveling to China in December is an adventure. December to February is the winter season, when temperatures drop to near-freezing levels in the night. A warming winter coat is the way to go, ensuring that cold snaps won’t be a hassle on the trip. The landscapes of China during this time are beautiful and some of the best photographers in the world
frequent the area to capture the perfect shot. Every day thousands of tourists take pictures with the snow-covered palaces and gardens in the background.

During this month, the most popular tourist attraction is the winter festival. Markets are always crowded with people shopping for special gifts and souvenirs for friends and family. There is an array of exciting cultural activities to enjoy like lantern festivals, papercutting activities, Bonfire parties and kite-flying. Traditional dinners with delicious fruits and meat dishes also make the winter festival memorable.

December is also a great month to explore China’s unique culture and rich history. Some iconic places of interest in China include The Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an, The Great Wall of China, The Jiuzhaigou National Park, Beijing’s Forbidden City, The Summer Palace in Beijing, The Bund in Shanghai, and the Mount Huangshan in Anhui. These ancient sites are intact delights and provide a glimpse into China’s fascinating past.

In terms of transportation, there are various ways to get around China. From high-speed trains to buses, taxis, and Uber rides, there are many options to get around. Trains are one of the most popular ways to get around the country since they are safe and luxurious at relatively low prices. For those who are interested in the countryside, flights and bus rides can be the best options for exploring the less-developed areas of China.

In conclusion, China in December is the perfect time to explore the country’s culture, food, and rich history. Tourism is booming so it’s important to plan and book in advance to guarantee a place and secure more competitive prices

Travel tips

Travelers should always keep in mind some helpful tips when easting to China whether they are visiting for business or for pleasure. To begin with, tourists should invest in a good quality travel adapter or power bank so that they are able to recharge electronics with ease while on the go. Secondly, it is important to always have cash on hand since China is largely a cash-only society. The third tip is to book Chinese Rail tickets in advance when Chinese New Year is fast approaching. Lastly, hiring a guide is a great way to get the highest value from a trip and travel around with ease.

Popular attractions

When traveling to China, depending on the city or region that a person visits, there are so many landmarks, monuments and attractions to explore. The most popular attractions in Beijing include the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, the Lama Temple, and the Beijing National Stadium. Other cities in China such as Shanghai also offer tourists great attractions, such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Tower, and the Shanghai Museum.

Culinary experiences

No trip to China is complete without enjoying its delicious and unique cuisine. From street food snacks, to regional and traditional dishes, there is something for everyone. Some of the favorites are dumplings, Lamian noodles, stir-fries with seasonal vegetables, wontons, hot pots, and sweet desserts like mooncakes. In addition, travelers should not miss out on trying popular Chinese food such as Peking Duck, which is especially popular in Beijing.

Shopping opportunities

China is one of the largest markets for shopping and souvenir-buying in the world. There is an endless selection of items that can be found in the streets or in stores and markets like the famous Silk Market, Xujiahui, and Wangfujing. Shopping malls are located all across the city and offer a wide variety of higher quality items such as jewelry, clothing, handbags, electronics, furniture, and much more.

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